On Winning Philippine Blog Awards Best Blog Design!

7:19 PM

It was just last year that I've learned about Philippine Blog Awards.That there is an award-giving authority for bloggers in the Philippines. It actually got me so excited that I didn't hesitate to nominate myself because I thought my (1 month-old blog just then), can make it to the finals. And fortunately, it did!! In the Mindanao Level.

Although I didn't win, I was happy because Kuya Orman (one of those few people responsible for the creation of this blog) won the Best Personal Blog in Mindanao award. I even remember him saying "Make this Blog Popular, Now na!" and I took it as a challenge. Not that I consider my blog popular now, but I think I'm going there. (Naks, Sumi-self confidence lang?)

It wasn't easy maintaining a personal blog. Especially when I started setting some sort of standards to each post I'll make. To fill each post with my graphics and creatively write apiece. It was indeed tough and challenging, and I went through a lot of UPS and downs during the first year of this blog. Sooner, I lost touch with creativity (stopped doing graphics) and suddenly, just suddenly I got burned out of blogging.

Eventually, I've got my blogging drive back this year by attending events especially during Summer 2011. Then I redesigned the blog and used a neater page layout, bright cool colors and created that slick "Detective Conan" inspired background. :)

Then came 26th of November where my blog vied against a couple of other equally good blogs for the PBA Mindanao. I didn't expect to win or anything but with some of my friends telling me I'll be winning I started hoping on the last minute but quite sadly I didn't win again. And I thought maybe 2011 isn't just for me. But instead of contemplating on the little hope I lost, I used it as my inspiration, motivation, to share more stories I believe everyone would love to read.

And the best way to do that is to set aside my rules and my so acclaimed standards. I realized that in blogging, there has to be no pressure at all. Especially a self-inflicted one.

*It's very ironic, I'm speechless!*
And while recalling all these, I still couldn't believe that I won in the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards 2011. Like, I paused for a minute and I couldn't believe it and I paused again but I couldn't still. The thought of winning is just so overwhelming that I feel like I can't handle it. Hmmm...Iba pala talaga no? Hehehe.

It was just a lazy Saturday then, until around 7pm that I remember it's the awarding ceremony of Philippine Blog Awards (National). So I googled for any live streams, asked my friends, but unfortunately there was none. I actually got so fed up about it because I wanted to take screenshots of my blogs when they appear on the venue's big screen. That was just my primary goal then, to take screenshots of my blogs if in case they'll be shown through the live stream. Also, I had this little hope of winning.

So instead, I used twitter to catch up with what was happening on the event. And it was so frustrating and unnerving to wait for each tweet announcing the winner per category. So I got to know who won on other categories prior to my blogs.

Later, perhaps around the announcing of winners in the special category. I switched tabs to my facebook to ease my nervousness. This is actually why I don't like raffle draws. Although I like winning, the kind of thrill and excitement it makes you feel, actually gives me the shivers! All of a sudden, I received a message from Ate Mica through facebook chat.

OMG! The shiver got worse. I don't know what or how to react. I won and I couldn't believe it. I never expected to win. In fact, I wholeheartedly accepted my defeat when I saw the blogs of my co-finalists in the PBA Special Category: Best Blog Design. I mean, they are all so great. Don't get me wrong, mine's a good one too but. . ahhh...basta. I don't know what to say.

Apparently, blessings come your way when least expected after all.

I'm not sure about the criteria though but I may have won not only because of the graphics my blog has but also because of the "look and feel" of my blog. I just learned this yesterday, that a good website has a good "look and feel". It is not necessary to have all those colorful graphics but what's important is the information design of one's website/blog. Keep it legible, simple and clean!

This is actually my first blogging award and that's why I am truly humbly honored to receive this kind of recognition. I am so thankful to the people behind Philippine Blog Awards, to Ate Mica who first told me the good news, to Robbie for being a good sport and supportive, to Kuya Azrael for the photos, to Kuya Winston who accepted my request to have him as my representative, to my co-finalists, to my Davao Bloggers family, to the Fat & Fab Bros., to my friends, classmates, schoolmates, teachers, family, even our cats, dogs and gecko lizards who showed love and support and most especially kay Lord! :)

Thank you and congratulations to all of the winners as well.

Up until now, hindi pa rin nag si-sink in sa akin. San na ba kasi yung trophy ko!? lol.

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  1. saan na ba kasi yung trophy? ahahaha.. hugs and smiles.. Mommy Dharlz is proud of you...

  2. @Mommy Dharlz: Mommy, I miss you!! <3
    Thank you! Ewan ko pero sabi nga
    Patience is a virtue! :D

  3. Woot! Congrats again Marky! :D

    I can *taste* your victory already! =))

  4. Salamat Robbie! :D Ganon? Of all senses taste talaga?? Hahaha

  5. Congratulations, Mark! :)
    Next year ulit!

  6. Yeheyyyyy! Ika nga, expect the unexpected. Congrats Mark! Milestone yan sa blog mo! Weeeeeeee!

  7. @Ate Rins: Salamat Ate Rins!
    Oo nga, next year ulit. Manalo sana again, ibang category naman.lol

  8. @Renz: Expect the unexpected talaga! :D
    Salamat! :D

  9. @Kuya Olan: Thank you. . congrats din! And I hope you win sa PEBA Blog Awards 2011!!

  10. Congratulations! You deserve the award for PBA's 2011 Best Blog Design.

    Keep it up!

  11. oi congrats! simply amazing ang blog mo ha! :)

  12. i like your posts.. congratz.. keep posting.

  13. Congratulations! More awards to come. :)

  14. Proud of you Mark. You've gone a long, long way since I met you in DFAT 2010. I'm sure I'm part of your downs. LOL!

    The changes are not just in your blog and in your blogging, but in your personality, as well.

    Continue being passionate and continue to grow. And don't lose your thirst for improvement and knowledge. Padayon! ;)

  15. @Otep: Simply Amazing pa talaga ang na sambit no? Hehehe
    Parang commercial lang. lol. Congrats din sayo, Awaaard tayo ka-Pangarap! :D

  16. @Mikexplorer: Thank you! Like your posts too. Hehehe. .they're funny.:D

  17. @BryanKarl:
    Naks naman. Sana, kung palarin ulet. :))

  18. @Ate Ria: Thanks. You've just made my day! :D
    LOL naman yung kasali sa ka downs ko. Hehehe. . pero siguro, some of those times made me stronger(char!) and I must thank you for that. :)

  19. congrats markable! :D

  20. @Anonymous: Whoever you are, thank you! :D

  21. Hello.. congratulations co-ICEAN! (sorry late reaction..)---- aican