On Food and Class!

12:25 PM

Although this has nothing to do with the post, really. . Just refer to the title!!
Yesterday, I've gotten into some strings of both bad and good luck. The bad luck is that I missed attending all of my classes. I actually have a Computer Hardware class early in the morning but I woke up late. I felt so bad after waking up because I knew we're going to have our long weekend quiz, I've had series of absences and the night before that; I slept early and I promised to rise early also!

And I friggin hate it because the only reason I was able to come up with to convince myself it wasn't my fault is that my cellphone which served as my alarm clock for 2 years already was left charging in the living room till morning. So I ranted about what happened early in the morning and later on convinced myself to cheer up, told my mom to wake me up early each day starting next week no matter what and try setting my body clock this weekend. And hopefully I'll be able to make up with my CHST class next week.

Then, I waited for some hours to pass by and went to school for my next subject. I was still late even though my next class was rescheduled at 11:00 am - 12:00 nn ( 9:30 - 10:30 on regular school days). So I hurried my paces as I entered the school. I passed by the lobby and saw some of my classmates (Princess, Jedy and Kevyn) and just "HI!-ed" to them.  I was about to go upstairs when I realized Kevyn was my classmate in IT Research. And the way he looked was as though we don't have class in IT Research. Then I decided to go back to the lobby to confirm if we have no class. But even before I could ask him, they all gave me a confused stare and then Kevyn asked "Do you know we don't have a class in IT Research?"

And so as not to look dumb for running across the lobby in such a hurry, I said "Of course, I know. .I was just looking for somebody! I need to meet her. So urgent.". Then we exchange a couple of conversations until we reached a Food destination and thus my string of Good Luck started.

We first went to Annipie to try out their cinnamon rolls! But we ended up ordering a box of their brownies galore. Still, because Annipie ought to be our cinnamon destination, I ordered a Choco Mocha Cinnamon roll! (Ohh..i can't stop the rhyming, I'm not on the timing! lol )

There cinnamon rolls price ranges from P 29 - P 55, each.
While a box of their yummy brownies costs around P 180.
Me, Kevyn and Princess. Jedy took the Photos! Thanks. :)

Jedy and me.
Jedy, Me and Princess! :D

Good luck didn't seem to have stopped from there just yet because they allowed us to bring inside my favorite milk tea drink which shop was just across the street, 360 Degrees. :-)

Oo, ako na ang product endorser ng 360! Hehe.
After that sweet and filling lunch! We headed to school to attend the Orientation of ITE Students regarding the new Student's Handbook for the Information Technology Education students in our University.

It was quite of an insightful orientation but most of my classmates and friends fell or tend to sleep during the orientation. I, however, paid attention for I am personally threatened by a certain law in the IT Students handbook about the subjects I need to pass in order to get the specialization program next semester. Well, there's this Computer Hardware subject now which I need to pass and get a high grade on in the end of the semester to get that BSIT Major in Multimedia standing!

But like I've mentioned earlier, my academic performance on this particular subject is shamefully affected by my always being late (technically), yet I'm considered absent. Actually, I don't have any intentional absences on this class, just late-turned-absent. I'm actually scared that I might get dropped soon if I don't start changing my lifestyle. That's why no more facebook and blogging at night now! :(

And I was like this.
After the orientation which got me somehow nervous. I promised to myself that starting today, everything will change! And that I will change for the better. Then came later, when a classmate approached us. .and asked. .

"Ba't hindi kayo pumasok sa IT Research?"

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  1. mark! ka-funny mo tingnan in uniform! NAKAKAPANIBAGO! hahaha!!

  2. AnniePie!!! Since high school ko pa to naririnig.

  3. @anj: Funny?? Ganon? Insulto ba yun o compliment?? HAHAHAHA. Ikaw rin naman ah. :p

  4. @Renz: Hindi ka pa nkakavisit jan? Actually, it was my first time there kahapon. Cool ang place, medyo dim nga lang but the food are really good and affordable too! Ang bango lang ng cinnamon! Lingaw siguro magtambay jan mga bloggers malakas kasi WiFi nila.hehe

  5. @Pinoyvideogamereviews: Dapat ka lang ma guilty no! Hahaha. :p

  6. Ok lng na mark. may karamy ka rin. hehehehe... lamang lng ka gamay. hehehehe... Aus gd pag incorporate nimu sa Bokeh.

  7. @Mel: Awwts.. Sana nga may karamay ako, para hindi naman ako masyadong paranoid next meeting. lol

    Yeah, for me Bokeh effect is a coool way to represent time and space!

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  9. Cool blog! Love your animnations and stories! Keep going!

  10. @Crumpylicious: Thank you!! :))

  11. oi mark! wala lang. passing by. okay pala ang price ng annipie ? xD try ko din jan next time! xD link ex tayo :D congraats!

  12. @jenn: Uyy..hehe.
    Oo okay ang price nila, affordable at masarap.
    Yung water lang bottled talaga. O_O

  13. @Jenn: Sige exchange links tayo.hehehe