A TOFU Decision!

5:52 PM

In a split second, I was taken aback to the time where I was at MAX'S Restaurant (Tagaytay Ridge) about a year ago. That fine noon, where one can feel the coolness of the air while the sun glares its dazzling rays on you. The joy given by the wondrous Taal Lake while we were having our lunch. That one memorable afternoon in the scenic place, a wonderful place called Tagaytay.

It's been a year since then, and a year since I have eaten on any Max's Restaurant.

But after that day of realizations on food and class, the food just didn't stop with Cinnamon rolls and Brownies galore. I never thought I would set foot again on Max's.

So Kevyn, Jedy and I went to Max's Restaurant (Abreeza) that same afternoon to try out Max's sizzling Tofu (which Jedy had been craving for). I was doubtful at first because I never really liked the taste of beancurd. Tofu?? What?? Ewww.

But she insisted. Kevyn and I just agreed for we can't do anything about it. I mean, we're with a vegetarian, we're quite on a tight budget and I'm on a strict diet - with those and a couple of excuses we can't order more!

So we called a waitress. She smiled and greeted us and then. .

Waitress: Sir, Mam ano po order natin?
Me: One order of Sizzling Tofu please and garlic rice for each of us.
Waitress: Hmm..How about our Chicken sir?
Me: Tofu please!
Waitress: Masarap po ang Chicken namin dito Sir!
Me: -_- Sizzling Tofu and garlic rice lang po.
Waitress: Eh, chicken po?
Me: (in my mind: Namimilit?2x )
        Hehe. Yun lang, vegetarian kasama namin eh.
Waitress: Kayo pala sir?
Me: Diet kami!!
Waitress: Drinks sir?
Me: Water lang please!! :-D
         Waitress nga sya! Wait, nakaka-STRESS!!

Jedy, Me while waiting for our order. 
So while waiting, I actually told them some bits of my Tagaytay experience. That my first time at Max's was at Tagaytay City, with a breathtaking scenery, cool atmosphere, a tummy-filling chicken meal and all that.

  //A Photo From Yesteryear
The Unforgettable Chicken Meal!!                     Group Shot at Max's Tagaytay! :-)

A few minutes later our order was served. .

Ohhh...ano ka?? *drools*

Presented in a wooden plate and somehow reminded me of Sisig, Max's sizzling Tofu looked and smelled so delicious I hurriedly picked up the fork to try it.

Max's Sizzling Tofu tasted excellent. Its creamy sauce neutralized the hotness of the sliced green and red chili peppers while its ambrosial smell enticed us more to eat up to the last piece.

It was so good that I actually had a couple of flashbacks (the Tagaytay experience included) running up inside my head. The food we ordered was good, and so was the service and Sizzling Tofu only costs P160 (good for 2-3 persons). :-)

In the end, Kevyn and I was pleased by Jedy's decision. Kevyn even told Jedy "Jedy, for once you did something right!" and she most certainly did!! Admittedly, for a vegetarian, (Jedy) seems to know more about food.

From the way it looks, Max's Sizzling Tofu is a rare find. Like who would have thought you can eat a great Tofu dish in a CHICKEN Restaurant? At a reasonable price. ;-D

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  1. I actually thought u hated it at first. buti na lang bumabasa ako ng posts :D hehe.

    I LOVE THEIR SIZZLING TOFU. bisag muingon pa tingali kag way lami, lami-an jud ko. hehe.

    nice post mark. as always. :)


  3. @Ate Tessa: Hehehe. :D Buti nalang may bumasang fan rin ng Tofu. Char!
    Pero yeah, I so love the tofu na!! :D

    It's a guilt-free pleasure for people on a diet. :D

    Thanks and I kinda miss you ate Tess!
    Magpakita ka kasi sa mga events oi. :p

  4. The Tofu looks great, I think I'm gonna like it.
    I like your animated character, nice blog!

  5. i feel such a bad guy sa simula xP

    PS: u and ur lame jokes as usual ^^

  6. @jedaii: BAD! Me and my lame jokes! :(

  7. @Henry: Hi! No, you're gonna love the tofu! :D
    Thanks for liking my alter-ego. char.