My First Cable-Car Ride Experience!

8:50 AM

It was early! Still too early then when I woke up. It was only 4 am and I was like still having a car-lag after the tiring and dizzying travel from Davao to Gensan yesterday. It's the second day of S3X Tour and I'm excited about going to the so-acclaimed Fifth Mountain where they say lies an awesome adventure.

Instead of going back to sleep I took the chance to take a bath before my roommates could. That way I would have enough time to prepare since assembly time for the participants is around 5:30 AM and I figured out I can always take a nap on our way to the 5th Mountain of Balakayo Barangay Olympog General Santos City. *pants* The way it sounded, I really thought I'm gonna have enough nap time along the way.

But I was wrong! The road we traveled was a rough one. I almost couldn't even shut my eyes for a moment when our wheels started bumping on some rough rock formations, humps and potholes. But when I started hearing clucks and cock-a-doodle-doos, I woke up in amazement because halfway to the Fifth Mountain Resort was a village of cocks! (Sorry for the choice of word, this is s3xtour

When we finally arrived at the resort, we were welcomed by the owners, Mr. and Mrs. James and Twilight Betonio. While the staffs of the resort was preparing our healthy breakfast, we went down a steep to check the cable car.

"So where the hell is this cable car, anyway?", I asked myself enthusiastically.

And then after a couple of steps down the garden, this thing unfolded its thought-provoking presence before our eyes. It dropped my jaw and I suddenly had lots of things running inside my head...a lot of horrible things which may happen if ever I'll get my ass riding on that very OPEN cable car.
HOLY SHIT!!! Seriously? Is this on BETA mode or something?

Well, I once dreamed of riding a cable car. The one we usually see on TV, the one they have in Japan or Singapore. Naks. They don't even call it cable car, but aerial tramway or ropeway (in Japan). A CLOSED tram suspended from a cable stretched between two stations.

And when I saw this, OMG!! I don't even have to go abroad just to experience this thing and I never ever thought my first cable car ride will be the exact opposite of what I have imagined - an OPEN cable car, very open, indeed!

So as not to appear cowardly, I braved myself and volunteered to be one of the first few to ride the thing. Now, where did that bravery came from? Well, I may have gotten that from the people around me. Char. But that's because, if shit happens I'm not alone! Hahaha!!
I'm not sure if we're halfway through to the other side when these  photos were taken but you can tell we're looking forward of making it to the other side safe and sound! There's no looking back, ika nga! lol
We took photos of ourselves throughout the ride. .back and forth across the valley of forest. I got the chance to look around, like a 360 degree view of Gensan from the cable car and. . .

 . . . ♫ it’s just so good to be true I don’t want to take my eyes off the view. 
Xtreme Cable Car Ride costs P200.

We actually wanted the cable car to stop by in the middle to take good photos of the view and ourselves ruining it, but Ate Leah was too scared then. So we opted the "default" way of riding it. LOL

Well, I don't want a 'final-destination' kind of death but it would be very dramatic if we had the chance to stop in the middle. I'll probably be asking for a short stop in the middle by my next visit!!

Surprisingly it didn't take us long to experience the extreme cable car ride! It was indeed EXTREME and a breath of fresh air from all the adventure/rides that ever existed in Mindanao! In fact, it's the first cable-car ride in Mindanao.

Surprisingly also, it was breakfast time before we knew it.

Healthy breakfast for healthy adventurous people! Yum. .<3 

After the healthy meal, some of us went to the other side of the resort to experience the second and the most exciting part of the adventure - The 800 meters long Yankee Line (Zip line)!

Watch out for my Yankee Line story on my next post because I think it well deserves to be posted separately. For the meantime, hey readers lemme hear your beautiful voice! Magcomment naman kayo! lol

This is just the first part of my 5th Mountain Adventure Park Adventure! S3X Tour Tres, Day 2! More Adventure stories to come. :D

//Credits to Doc Charles, Tiara and Kuya Bernz for some of the photos!

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  1. @13Witch: Hahaha. .scaredycat si Ate! :p

  2. looks exciting... sana ma-try ko 'to when I visit Gensan next month... thanks for sharing! :)