Fun Never Stops at Blogfest Soccksargen!

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I've learned a lot last year on the first BlogFest Soccksargen. And after that awesome experience I always wondered how Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0 would be like a year after. Would it be the same or would it be a lot funner? In as much as I would love to answer that in the end of this post, it may feel like a cliche already! So I thought I have to spit it out now and the answer, I'D DEFINITELY GO with the latter!

BLOGFEST SOCCKSARGEN 2.0 is indeed a whole lot funner!

That doesn't mean 2010 Blogfest was not fun at all, though. It was actually fun but FUN came in a different manner. It was just that, last year's Blogfest had quite a serious tone especially when the country's most respected web luminaries spoke about ethics, nation-building, security, e-commerce and other nose-bleeding blogging topics. Talagang madugo ang unang Blogfest!!

This time around the organizers tap public figures and BIG web personalities to speak for Blogfest 2011. A wonderful line of speakers who graced the stage to share their knowledge about a variety of blogging related topics which can help shape one as a blogger, can shape our society and the world wide web!

The first speaker was Sir Bob Martin. He traced back the brief history of Internet in Mindanao through his experiences. It was very inspiring (and funny) how he moved from here and there amidst war in Mindanao while at the same time monitoring the speed of his internet. Hehehe.

Then came Manolo Quezon III from Office of the President of the Phils. who discussed "Effecting Progress and Change through Blogs and Social Media". I figuratively had a nosebleed throughout his discussion but he managed to raise some important points and reminders about the power we have as bloggers. We need to be responsible because "With great power, comes great responsibility!".I also liked what he said about writing in White Heat and editing in Cold Blood. Will keep that in mind! :-)

Jack Madrid, the Country Manager of Multiply Philippines has not only showed us the current state of internet in the Philippines but has successfully transformed the topic into a level-headed discussion where business-minded people's mind sparked and got everyone excited about owning a Multiply-based shop. ;-)

Then later the City Mayor of Gen. Santos, Hon. Darlene Antonino-Custodio amazed everyone with her techy projects in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. It's promising how she embraced technology to develop certain aspects of General Santos City. I can feel her dedication to these awesome projects as well as her full support in the blogging community. In fact, she encourages High School students to start blogging. gosh, I better teach my younger siblings this before blogging becomes a High school prerequisite subject in the future. LOL

In the afternoon, GMA News & Public Affairs Anchor/Producer Raffy Tima woke us up with the 7 Rules any internet user  must consider before doing anything online. This is alongside GMA's Think Before You Click Campaign.

  1. Be truthful. Accurate and Fair
  2. Verify facts
  3. Dont do or Say anything in Social Media that you would not do in public.
  4. Remember anything you upload can be shared by others.
  5. Try to ignore tweets and comments intended to provoke quarrels.
  6. Acknowledge, delete, and correct errors and apologize if necessary.
  7. Dont do anything stupid!
Then came one BIG surprise!! The next speaker was the BIGGEST among the rest and is certainly one of the reasons why Blogfest 2.0 was a lot of fun! Ms. Mae Paner a.k.a JUANA CHANGE. Her topic was Video Blog as a Medium for Social Change. Well, not everyone can be as good as her and act in front of the camera to talk, crawl, sing, dance and let loose a tirade for corrupt politicians. But she is an inspiration for us all to become actors and actresses (or more appropriately influencers), in our own way and at our own pace. There's Youtube, why not do a video blog that is aimed for change in the society? She showed us two of her videos and my jaws dropped watching her spill out what we Filipino's are afraid to say or even talk about to. But she said it in a very clever way!! BLASPHEMY!!!

 Mae Paner is indeed, a living proof that we can have CHANGE, IF WE JUANA CHANGE!!

After that, things went technically challenging and at the same time drooling when Abe Olandres (Yuga) introduced some new gadgets. OMG!! But what's interesting about his talk was that I learned that there's a decent number of mobile internet users in the Philippines and I think there's a great chance to penetrate the local mobile market by developing a mobile application.

Then US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr., sent a message to the participants of Blogfest through US Embassy Deputy Press Attache Cynthia Cook. It's a great honor to hear what he has to say about the blogging community in Mindanao and Blogfest. Subsequently, Cynthia Cook spoke about things that concern social media and the US Embassy, of course, free US VISA's! Just kidding. LOL

Lastly, we had a very inspiring speaker, Kuya Flow Galindez. I first met him at Greenbelt 3 last year, when I was invited to attend an Advocacy event for a stand against Cervical Cancer (by Bravehearts). Unfortunately this blog hasn't existed that time but I will still definitely support that cause because I care for all the women, most especially my Mom. <3

Now I'm wondering if ever these web luminaries are going back next year because I believe there's so much more to learn from them than what they have presented during the event. I would love another set of speakers though! (Pero dapat bumalik si JUANA CHANGE! Bias lang? Hehe) <3

Can't wait for Blogfest Tres for I believe it would be Unkabogably FUNNER!!

All Photos by Renz Bulseco of The Geek Travels!

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  1. It's nice to have you joining the BlogFest Mark! Cheers my only wish if granted is I wish to have WordCamp in Gensan.. ^_^

  2. Thank you for this post Mark! Hopefully we could replicate the Blogfest Sox 2.0's success next year and come up with another exciting and formidable set of speakers. Without them, this wouldn't have been Mindanao's Funnest Eyeball!

    See you next year and yes, congratulations on your Phil. Blog Awards 2011 win! Yey!