S3X Tour 2011

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It's been a long while since my first ever s3xperience. Now let me tell you how climaxed it was!

It was 1st of September when I decided to join S3X TOUR TRES, the third installment (second this year) of the funnest blogging-orgy in the Philippines. At first I had doubts of joining because some school thingamajig demanded for my attention, I didn't have my Dad's approval and I was still a s3xtour-virgin. But on the very last minute I've finally decided to join.

I so love my Mom! <3 She's so supportive that even from the time I told her I'm planning to join she bought me new shirts and packed my things the next day. And that was like a couple of days before the tour!

And I hate my Aunt for not letting me borrow her camera! >_< Bitter lang! Reminds me, I need to buy one soon. And I'd like to say thank you to my step-brother, Koya Andrew and his loyal driver Kuya Lem for the free and safe ride to General Santos!! ;-p

Although I missed half-day of the First day of the tour (because I'm a late-comer), I would describe that afternoon as one of the most tempting afternoon I've ever had.

Like, I joined the tour to experience new things and yet I became that bore who didn't went snorkeling or at least experience the infinity pool which offered fun and a great live scenery as the backdrop.

What could have made my day!

I could have been with them on the pool. . having fun!

Even so, I never hesitated on going to the next destination. It was then that I've experienced riding on an army tank. But more than the fun tank ride we went first to the Headquarters of the 73rd Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army to grasp some classified important information about peaceful ways of communicating with people and even with their enemies. Say, PEACE TALK!!

Now let's go back to the fun battletank experience! It was the highlight of my First day!

So after some briefing and introduction from the 173rd Infantry Batallion we headed out to the tank and climbed up on board to it. After a few while, the fun started!

An army prepping the tank. He'll be the driver.

Before I set foot on top of the tank I wished I could experience driving it. Unfortunately, they wouldn't allow and I remember, I don't have a driver's license yet.  - in case its requirement. lol

Readying ourselves for the extreme Battle Tank Ride! :D 

As you can see I was seated on the front end of the tank and I almost lost balance when the tank started to move forward. It's not quite a safe part to sit on but I somehow managed. The ride was bumpy as hell that I'd hold on tight on a handle which was in between my knees.

What made the ride even more exciting (aside from the great possibility that I might fall) was that there were dogs along the way. These dogs are so mad, they didn't budge getting out of the way until the tank was so close of hitting them. These animal bastards got most of us nervous for Chrissake. I actually had the chance to video the whole tank experience which lasted for around 4 minutes but I'm quite embarrassed to upload it since I screamed like hell because of the freakin dogs. All in all, it was a great battle tank ride experience, next time I hope they would allow me to drive it, or teach me how to. :-D

 Dinner Time!

For Dinner we went to Mei Lih Restaurant at Phela Grande Hotel. There, they offered a superb dinner. I was very delighted when I saw the food on the table. Finally! After some adrenaline pumping yet tiring adventure comes something that would regain all our strength. It was a variety of some, if not almost unfamiliar food. There was this soup called Shabu-Shabu which one jokingly said we're going to get HIGH eating it. And there was also this pica-pica food which I forgot the name but it was my favorite. That food was the one with shrimp, quail egg and FITA biscuit fried till golden brown.

After the superb dinner we all headed to our hotels to prepare for a bigger, wilder and funner SEX Tour, the next day.

It all happened in General Santos amidst the anticipated Tuna Festival. Organized by Soccksargen Bloggers, I joined this year's Soccksargen EXperience Tour a.k.a S3X TOUR. Thus, where my first s3xperience came from.

//This entry is part of Markable's S3XTOUR Series!! This is just the first, meaning - there's more!

Snacks Place – Lemlunay Dive Resort
Barrio Tampuan, Brgy Kamanga, Maasim, Sarangani Province
Snacks/Snorkeling/Infinity Pool courtesy of
– Mr. Paul Partridge -

Pitstop – 173rd Infantry Batallion
Barrio Tampuan, Brgy Kamanga, Maasim, Sarangani Province Batallion
Commander Lt Col Adolfo Espuelas Sr.

Dinner -  Mei Lih Restaurant at Phela Grande Hotel
Magsaysay Avenue, GenSan
Dinner by Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Helen Angderson

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  1. Hahahha!

    I love your drawings Mark! This is one of the freshest blog posts on the SEX Tour I have come across. Thanks a lot! Hope to read more... more... more..

    Congrats on your Phil. Blog Awards for Mindanao nomination!

    See you here again for the Blogfest Soccsksargen 2.0!

  2. Hey, congratulations for being nominated. =)

  3. @kuya avel:

    Thank you!! :D See you sa Blogfest, I'm excited for Blogfest! Last year was a blast.

  4. Urgh!!! Mamamatay ako sa inggit sa inyo!!! Waaah! Tanque de guierra, water tubing! Turtles and Sarangani!! Kalagut, wa jud ko ginpasugtan sa akong boss lakaw Friday morning wui. Nakakuyog ko unta.

    Like! I like the drawings! Kalingaw jud! :D

  5. @kuya Bern: Sa Tank Ride lang ako nakahabol actually. Inggit din ako sa water tubing and release of turtles that Friday morning. :(

    Thanks for dropping by. :))