A Homey Stay at Guada's Villa!

4:30 PM

I've been to General Santos, 3 times already. The first affair was last year's BlogFest Soccsksargen, followed by last September's Sex Tour and lastly the recently concluded BlogFest 2.0 and Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao.

On my previous trips to the Tuna Capital of the Philippines I stayed in a fine but dim-lighted hotel. It was at Dolores Hotel. The hotel may be cheap and old but it was a decent one, fun and memorable too! It became a venue of smart, nonsense but most of the time funny conversations, tiresome check-ins after a long day and a quite tearful check-out. And I think, I must say thank you to Dolores for that.

Still, hotels are hotels in the end of the day. A temporary accommodation at that. Just that.

This time around Kuya Avel arranged a special meeting with perhaps the grandest there is, in General Santos City.

And there I met Guada's Villa! A pension house! The first pension house I've been into. A place so homey that I instantly fell in love with the place. Not that our house was like that (parang kubo lang po bahay namin) but it actually felt like we owned the place.(Assuming lang? hehe)

Bathroom / Bar / Dining Table
Photos by Renz Bulseco of The Geek Travels!

Guada's Villa was originally a house, but after the owner migrated to Hawaii they've decided to make it a Bed & Breakfast Inn which was considered to be a first in Gensan.

Guada's Villa offers 3 rooms good for two to three persons. There are three fab bathrooms around the house, one in the Master's Bedroom, the other was a double-door bathroom that separates the two other executive rooms. They also have a loft (which I mistakenly and jokingly pronounces as "loaf" - i know right, WALEY ang Joke!) which can accommodate three to four persons. Well five actually, if one would kindheartedly opt to sleep in the cozy yellow sofa (where Kevin slept).

1.) Group Photo at the Masters Bedroom, 2 & 3.) the two other beds, 4.) my epic fail reaction! caught in the act!

Hotels may have security guards, bomb-sniffing dogs and even ghosts protecting the building but this pension house offers an ideal home security system. A kind, hospitable and humble caretaker and a place equipped with CCTV camera's ala "Pinoy Big Brother" or even "Paranormal Activity" mode. lols. The villa is also furnished with air-conditioned rooms, cable tv, hot and cold showers, dispensed toiletries, complimentary breakfast and fast DSL/WiFi internet!! Kaya naman avail lang ng avail!! :-D

Filipino Native Delicacies for Breakfast / The Living Room /
Photos by Renz and Ate Leah! Thank you for the photos!! :D

In the end of the day, in the end of our trip. . as we bid farewell to Guada Villa, I learned that. .
A Pension house may still be a pension house, but memories shared on a place that feels like home is more special than that of any other place. Thanks to Kuya Avel and to GUADA VILLA for making our stay at Gensan not only HOMEY but well, the best!
Guada's Villa is located at 019 Blk. 3, Bughaw Street, Dadiangas Heights, General Santos City 9500.For inquries and reservations, please contact +639495617664. You can send your queries online through email! Email them at alohablacksandbeach@yahoo.com

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  1. Grabe, yung internet connection ng Guada - THE BEST. SO FAAAAST!

  2. Coolness. Read a post from Leah's blog.

  3. @Renz: As in, kung hindi lang ako inantok naka download sana ako ng napakaraming movies! Alam mo internet provider nila??

  4. The best yung Ghost Story sharing! hahahaha. Had a great time with all of you :)

    and, fail... nasa likod lang pala ng wifi router ang password ng wifi nila. kapoi2 lang kog isip how to get wifi for all. hahaha.

  5. @Markable, PLDT ang internet provider nila, I think 2MB or 3MB ang connection nila.

  6. @Tim: Huh?? O_O
    Anyway, kasama namin si Ate Leah jan! hehe

  7. @Kevin: As in the best yung ghost story sharing! Separate post yung dapat.lols. Hahahaha!

    Yayy!! Mabilis pala PLDT sa Gensan. Thanks for the info, btw! :)

  8. sayang... i missed the fun at guadas.

  9. @Kuya Olan: Yeah, you opted to sleep on your presidential, luxurious yet haunted room! hahaha. joke. =)

  10. @Kuya Olan, yah, you missed it! We were talking about your haunted hotel room! :))) jk

  11. OKAY. i think i wanna visit a pension house too. :D

  12. ganda nman ng villa ... Parang pang pbb hahaha

  13. @Chino: As in! Sana makita mo in person, the owner has a great taste in interior design because she designed the villa herself. Galing lang!

  14. @Rica: Naks!!! Wag ka lang mag visit oi, STAY!! hehe :p