Wearing A Mask!

8:58 AM

Jason, Michael Myers and Leatherface - Who doesn't get scared of seeing any of these three horror icons?  I mean, just thinking about them would make you hide under your covers and snuggle up with your favorite stuffed toy.

What do these three psycho killers have in common? Didn't you ever wonder what makes them look so scary?

The answer. .

Well, Obviously it's got to be the mask.

Yes, it's the mask and will always be the mask. Even the manic superhero "The Mask" looks scary at times. But there's just something about these masks that I find fascinating and of course, scary as hell.

Well, you know that I love scaring people, especially my friends. Whether it's Halloween or any other time of year, there's nothing like masks to scare the hell out of them. I have to tell you though that I'm a scaredy-cat myself. But you should also know there's a vast difference between being a scaredy-cat and a pussy. lol

So anyway, what's about masks that fascinates me the most. While the initial origin of the mask is unknown and it's being used in different ways. I honestly don't have a ready answer for that but maybe, just maybe, I think what fascinates me about masks is that they can hide emotions.

I mean, hiding our true feelings isn't always a bad thing. In fact, we all wear mask at some points in our life. The reason might be to pretend to be someone to boost our self-confidence, to hide ones identity for security or to protect others or ourselves by enclosing our real emotions. While masks serves a lot of purpose, in the end of the day we will always have to take it down. Otherwise, we might end up becoming the likes of Jason, Michael Myers and Leatherface. Definitely not psychopaths like them but in many ways we can hurt other people, hurt ourselves and die in the end.

Aside from its effect on our well-being, masks can greatly affect others too. Just like how I could scare my friends by wearing Halloween mask. It greatly depends on the emotion of the mask we wear also. Like, when you see someone wearing a mask depicting a happy expression, how would you feel? HAPPY Also, right?

October is fast-approaching which reminds me of my merry days in Manila and a sad comeback here in Davao. And even before I get sad again (by commemorating my Grandpa's death anniversary), I just want to be completely HAPPY even for a little while . No worries, no sadness, just all pure smiles. That's why I want to go to the City of Smiles - to get surrounded by smiling people, to wear a mask of happiness, and to experience Masskara Festival!

"Experience MassKara Festival, Hermosa Festival and Lanzones Festival this October. Airphil Express flies daily to BACOLOD, ZAMBOANGA and CAGAYAN DE ORO from Cebu and Manila. Visit www.airphilexpress.com to book!

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  1. First of all, I hate those horror movie characters that wears masks. I hate horror movies, period. Hehe! Anyway, must love the article you just wrote. Nowadays, it is a continuous challenge to be always true about one's feelings. People can be very judgmental. 'wish I could attend the Masskara Festival. I haven't been to one.

  2. @Ate Rins: Hahaha! Kaya pala natakot ka dun sa edited prof. picture ko sa ancestral mansion sa gensan. Creepy.

    Yeah, some people can be very judgmental That's why nobody can ever question how we behave when we're with different circle of people.

    As in, parang enjoy masyado sa Masskara Festival!!