Turning Twenteen

9:21 AM

The feeling that I am turning 20 is sinking on me now. The word teen shall be dropped off my age in hours time. Shit! Is this what they call Quarter Life Crisis? Yes, No, perhaps. . Maybe? I'm not very certain about how I feel right now. How I feel about turning 20 or "Twenteen" as people in this situation would prefer calling it so as it won't sound really scary.

I'm upset at the same time thankful for all the things, the people, the events, that made me what I am today. But I don't think I'm ready to be 20. Like, this is the time where I'll be faced with new responsibilities, priorities and goals in life. And looking back I don't think I've been responsible enough.

I almost cried watching RPG Metanoia last night. Like that movie deliberately made me reminisce my childhood life. Now I started asking myself what I've accomplished the past 20 years of living in this dearly planet of ours? What have I contributed to the world? Who am I? LOL. Baliw lungs!!! HAHAHA!

I could say that this is the most depressing birthday ever. Like before, I would count the days until my birthday and feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world. You know those times in your life when you just needed to worry about if you have a birthday cake or not? And this time around, Oh my God! I'll be twenty (Thank you though) but the thought of being Twenty is haunting me emotionally!

I know I couldn't contemplate much about these things in my head right now because while writing this - time passes by. Minutes, seconds, milliseconds I'll be 20 and I know people would tease me about how old I have become. Fine I'm twenty! As if I could do anything. But on the brighter side, it's good to know most of my friends are older than me. Meaning, I'm ONLY TWENTEEN and. . .


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  1. I can only imagine what your post will be like when you reach my age! Haha! :)

    Age is just a number, right?

  2. you worry too much!enjoy your birthday mark. I don't remember panicking at the age of 20, I went crazy when I turned 21 though. Haha.

    Everything will be ok. Life gets better as you get older.

    Happy birthday!

  3. @Rins: Oo nga naman. But I just bidden farewell to my teenage years! EMO PA. HUHU

  4. @Tiara: Thanks. I might get crazy also when I turn 21. Like yan daw kuno ang "debut" ng mga lalake diba? WAAAAAHHH. .

    Thank you for those encouraging yet ageing words!! I hope, my life will get better!

  5. Age is just a number mark. Don't give it much thought, 20 is still very young and it doesn't show in your face so chill :D

  6. Thanks Ate Raine!
    TAMA! Looking young dapat! Haha.

  7. I also felt the same thing when I was turning 20 but more of the excitement. Pero as rins said above, age is just a number. At 20, you can still be a kid. I'm even 22 but I don't think I'm already mature enough. =)) Happy birthday!

  8. @Bryan Karl:
    Ewan ko, Hanggang ngayon nasa denial stage pa rin ako. I still don't feel good verbalizing my age. Siguro in time, masasanay na rin ako. It's good to know that I look young for my age, so ayun! HAHAHAHA!

    Yeah, Age is definitely just a number the way grades are in school. :p

  9. na ! natatakot na tuloy ako mag 20 xDD haha
    buti naman next year pa saken :pp

    belated happy bday mark ^^

  10. @April: Awts. Parang panakot sa mga turning 20 years old pala tong blog post na to no? lol

    Pero, iniisip ko nalang that I should be thankful of reaching this age.(Thank you Lord! :) )

    I mean some people don't even get to reach their twenties. Basta lang wag akong i-remind of my age.

  11. Hi Mark!

    Dropped by here and reading this post made me smile. Look forward to what being 20 can bring you. I started to enjoy life when I hit 20s. The transition could be a bit scary but after a while you'll start getting excited. Wish I could go back to your age. BTW I need your opinion. I'm thinking of having my own domain and I need your expert's advice where to buy it from. Will wait for your reply. Thanks in advance! Happy birthday!

  12. @Ina-Tatay: Thank you po. hehe

    I'm starting to hope that things will get better now that I'm 20.
    I'm quite pressured though because I feel like I needed to have long-term plans and a direction in life.

    About having your own domain po, you can register a domain via Namecheap.com or Godaddy.com - you might want to join Davao Bloggers Geek Up on September 24 so that you'll get hands on help for the set up your domain.hehe

    Pa add nalang po sa facebook para ma PM ko ang link for the private event, thanks!


  13. oh it'll be okay. wait till you turn 40! hahaha. hoping to read your blog entry when that time comes :P

    somehow I got to think of it when I was still turning 20. I was able to reminisce how my teen years went, and there was nothing to be proud of... 20+ became my real time :D and I'm happy about being passed 20 :D

  14. @Ate Tessa: Now, I'm positive I will be very happy too. :)
    Yeah, I just hope I will still be a blogger when that time comes. Adik!