DFAT 2011 Day 2 Part 1: Paradise Island Resort

10:42 AM

Day 0 and Day 1 of DFAT have caused me to worry about gaining a lot during Summer vacation. Still, I was looking forward on the 2nd Day of Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011.

Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort!

Day 2 kicked off with some of the participants hopping to Samal Island. I was one among those who were really excited about going to Paradise Island Resort at the Island Garden City of Samal. Even though I was among the few Davaoeño to hop by Paradise my excitement can be compared to those who were first timers on the said place. In fact, it's actually my first time too!

It was a hot Saturday morning when I first stepped on the white sandy beach of Paradise. After a boat ride which got me nervous at first, I sighed with relief for arriving safely on our destination. It was windy though but  the waves were calm and I was wearing a life vest in case anything bad happens.

Anyway, I actually have fears of riding boats. When I was 12, my Dad and I went boating to a  lake park and amidst the lake our boat almost sank; and from then on, I swear to myself I'm never going to ride a boat again. But as time went on, what do you know?

Paradise Island Resort is the only whimsical and festive beach among any other Samal beaches I know. On our way we could see flaglets and fiesta banners hanging around posts along pathways. It was as if there's a fiesta happening by the beach. The beach is quite nice too! We ate our breakfast, wander around their nature park and went swimming afterwards.

Beef Tapa! <3


Wahh..Darlyn pala! Wrong spelling.hehe

They also have caged animals around the park, mostly birds. I was wondering if they have Ostriches around  but fortunately I haven't seen one.
I forgot if there were Ostriches around then. I always thought there was none but never mind, I'm scared of Ostriches btw!! I think I was lucky to have not seen an Ostrich there at all. Like, I had a bad experience with Ostriches during our fieldtrip when I was still in Preschool. Hey, I love animals but that was really scary!

So let's go back to the beach! While swimming, I saw fishes swimming around with us. Ate Dulce have let me borrow her goggles so as I could see how the fishes look underwater. I couldn't really identify to which fish species the fishes there belong but as far as I remember they had yellow and black stripes all over their body. It felt really awesome to see colorful shorefishes around. Simply means, Samal Island's marine shorefish biodiversity is never too late to become abundant.

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort, all in all, is a fun place for family outing and is indeed a Paradise for animal-lovers!!

Around 10:30, we headed back to Davao City for our lunch at Ranchero, snacks at Crepelato and dinner at Lachis Sans Rival Atbp. Three food destinations which I have yet to blog about, like, separately also.

Anyway, in case you're wondering here's a map on how to get to Paradise Island Beach Resort!

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  1. Sana maka-join din ako ng DFAT someday. Palagi nalang akong iniinvite ni Mica pero I'm always busy haha. Baka next year. DFAT sounds and looks really fun and interesting. :D

  2. @Bryan Karl: I heard the organizers will release the application form for DFAT 2012 in the coming weeks. Prepare mo na essay mo! lol. :p