The Donuts Are Calling For Me!

12:57 PM

I've been blogging much about my addictions lately. Facebook, Coffee and now comes yet another addiction that's been troubling me for weeks because of the threat of a more bulging tummy.

I'm not picky when it comes to food and drinks though. I don't even have any allergies unless I tell you so. Like no holds barred, I could eat as much as i want! Eat nearly any food that fills my cravings and screw my weight-loss campaigns. Those gave me the freedom to try out all what is best in town and interestingly to join all the "Food Tours" that's been calling for my presence.Char lang!

In time I may end up having the best job in the World. And that is, to become a food critic. Well, I'm not really sure of that though. Like, I haven't even reviewed a particular food and I don't have a food blog just yet. Not that its necessary to have a food blog but I'll think about that later.

With so much eating happening here and there, rarely do I get faves when it comes to food - how much more get addicted to something? In fact, in all the slam books I've signed on I always leave the "favorite food" blank. Its because I feel like there's still this food out there waiting to claimed a fave - my, fave.

So aside from Facebook and Coffee, what am I into this time??

Illustration Inspired by Homer Simpson.
Just refer to the title and get a hunch! Yes, it's none other than the soft, sweet and chewy donuts!

To date, I know four donut outlets here in Davao (You name it) but my craving for donuts goes to the newest among the bunch. I'm referring to GO NUTS DONUTS! Yeah, the one at Abreeza Mall.

About a month ago Abreeza held a special food tour for the Davao Bloggers and I was lucky enough to obtain a slot. Before that, I've been itching to try out their donuts since I wasn't able to try theirs when I went to Manila last year. So, one night I bought "Rocky Road" and "Boston Bavarian" donuts for take out. And they tasted incredibly good!

During the Abreeza food tour, I was able to try their "Amazing Glaze". Well, I was suppose to get the one called "Chocolate Glaze" since I'm a chocolate-person but someone nabbed it first before me.

And being the last person to choose which donut to try among the five that were presented - (I had no choice) I was left with amazing glaze which tasted, however, great. It has a not too sweet yet tangy taste. But forgive for I could have said much if only I had the chocolate. (Bitter Ocampo.)

Days have passed and I've really been into Go Nuts Donuts. And among their donuts there's this Stuffit I'm really addicted in to - Pastillas de Leche. Just imagine the milky caramel goodness of this Filipino-authentic-dessert-inspired flavor of Gonuts Donuts' Pastillas de Leche donut. Isn't that mouth-watering??

I just love Pastillas de Leche! I also know someone who shares the same addiction for this donut like I do. While writing this, she is currently undergoing a major-major rehabilitation because of donut-addiction. I guess, I needed one too! For the meantime, I gotta go! The donuts are calling for me you know? Hahaha.

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  1. gaaahh. you just made me hungry! go nuts donuts is crazy-goooooooooood! :D

  2. Nomnomnom, this post made me hungry, BTW ganda nung mga images

  3. Pasensya naman. Bavarian-flavored donuts lang ang alam ko. LMAO.

    Actually, I don't eat too much sweets. Di naman sa nagda-diet ako. Wala lang talaga akong hilig.

    Have you tried Krispy Kreme? They are delish. I was told.

  4. @Jesse: Don't it too much! Baka ma adik ka, you'll definitely GO NUTS!

  5. I know that person, too! Hehe.

    Btw, I have a whole box of pastillas de leche with me. Want some? :-)

  6. I've been passing thru Abreeza entrance but I haven't tried their donuts yet..

  7. and just when I was about to sleep..
    I'm going to make me something to eat instead..
    gutom na nga ako, nagugutom pa ako lalo @_@

  8. @Semidoppel: So nice of you to drop by my blog. Thanks! :) Miss ko na ang Pastillas de Leche! Super.

  9. @Ate Brendel: Isang box!!?? Gustong gusto. Adik.

  10. I can pretty much relate... but I have a bunch of favorite foods :D

    I went craving for donuts during the last week of August I think. And went eating 2 big donuts a day that went for 4 days :D gaaaaaahhhkkk! so much for dieting.

  11. @Ate Tessa: My gawd, kalapit lang kaya ng Abreeza sa shop nyo.
    As in, kahit everyday ka magdonuts pwede!!