DFAT 2011 Day 2 Part 2: Food Paradise

11:11 AM

It was a very hot afternoon when I was on my way to Ranchero. Following a woozy ride back from Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort one is likely to develop a major headache. Now double the major because the sun's heat was worse than Day 1. This time, I thought I was being roasted.


But thanks to Ranchero Davao for serving one of the best lunch meals I've ever had! Eventually my headache disappeared. I mean, who wouldn't feel better after taking these salivating dishes on your mouth?

I'm not really a fan of food with Garlic but their version of Garlic Chicken was good!!! 

OMG! I wanted to take this home. Ranchero's Hubad Na Lumpia shall be my favorite lumpia from now on. Damn, I love it naked! I love their sauce and the peanuts goes well with the vegies!

Ohh..their Crispy Pata is fit for the Gods! Nmmm...

And Oh! How can I ever forget the tender, juicy, succulent, luscious and sweet-smelling baby back ribs?
No wonder it's their best-seller!

After a delicious lunch, we went for some adrenaline-pumping adventures at Zip City and Zorb Park.

"No way. . .I'm never gonna try any of those!" I said to myself along the way.

Chicken? No way! Though I must admit that zipping would force me to spill out all the curses in the world. It's just that Zip City's Zipline didn't look very challenging at all.Well, Zip City is claimed to be the friendliest zip line in town!  But I've been through what seems to be the "otherwise" (at least).

As for the Zorb ride, I really wanted to try it but unfortunately I didn't have a partner so I ended up saving my adrenaline for more food adventures coming up next!


After the adventure, we went to Crepelato for some cooling snacks - GELATO!!

I had Caramel Gelato with Crepe! But before that I was able to try out other Gelato flavors as well. Tried the Capuchillo, Strawberry, Chocoholic, Avocado and Food for the Gods!

Their Gelato is mild and sweet to the tongue and the crepe together with the toppings made the taste intensely flavored.I don't really know what's the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream. Perhaps Gelato is richer and healthier but I couldn't care less because Crepelato's Gelato was certainly ravishing!

Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp.

Dinner time! I was lucky enough to try Lachi's last year along with the participants of DFAT 2010. This time around, dining at Lachi's is what I have been looking forward to, now finally as a participant of Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011!

Owned by twins Mike and Melvin Aviles, Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp. is perhaps, the best restaurant in Davao City. Serving glorious dishes like Laing, Beef Tapa, Breaded Tofu, Pork Marinara, Kaldereta and the unforgettable PORK RIBS!!!

Of course, Lachi's is best known for their dulcet desserts!! And I've gone crazy as hell eating them. Being the sweet-toothed that I am, I couldn't help but feel selfish about their pastries!! I even dared to take home some. LOL!

Ohh..I super love their Durian Sans Rival!!! Lachi's cakes are to die for also. .pak! I will definitely come back to Lachi's on my birthday! >.< That's tomorrow, actually. <3

All in all, the second day of DFAT 2011 may have started with mild sun burns behind my neck. But like what old folks used to say "In every desert there's an Oasis, in every Adventure there's a Paradise!". And in the 2nd day of Davao Food Appreciation Tour I got the chance to get a taste of Food Paradise!!

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  1. @RM: As in..habang bina-blog ko yan, grabe nkkgtm. . ang sarap kumain!

  2. Yehey, Bday ni Mark mag Lachis daw ta.

  3. @Jin Maning: Fogsure! Hindi ko nga alam what's there for my birthday! O_O
    I think it'll just be a simple dinner with my family. The plan was kumain sa labas but my Mom's sick at the moment so baka sa bahay nalang.

    Pa order lang kami sa Lachi's! lol.

  4. Nalurkey ako sa paggamit ng word na dulcet.

    Great post. Parang na-balik sa akin memories ng araw na yun. :)

    Happy birthday Mark! :)

  5. Wow sobra sarap ng mga nakikita ko, ang dami pa choice.

    Hello! pwede ba makipag-exchange link sayo?
    I'm a new blogger from Rizal and needs more friends here online.

    Please reply once you read the message, add kita agad.

  6. @Ate Ria: Haha. .Old fashion ako eh, so dulcet for the taste buds ang drama!

    Thank you Ate Ri! :)

  7. @Henry: LOL. Pili lang! magagandang choice yan. . HAHAHAHA

    Sure, Just added you. :)