DFAT 2011 Day 3 Part 1: Flying with Birds!!

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I once dreamed of flying with eagles, soared high beyond the outrageously orange sky. A breathtaking scenery below the ocean mesmerizes the eyes, while I'm enjoying my free eagle back ride. Everyone seemed happy, for we all felt peace and freedom. But sooner, the dream faded like how our silhouettes vanished in the bright setting sun.

But that day couldn't have gone better, the day birds pecked my heart with a very alarming message. I may have gone sad at times, but it was good because I realized that all the problems I have at home and school were nothing compared to the threat of extinction among these bird friends of ours. I became less anxious though, happy to see that they're being protected but sad because of the reality that's been haunting me since then.

It was the day I went to Malagos Garden and Philippine Eagle Center together with the DFAT 2011 participants last May.

Day 3 started with a field trip on these attractions in Davao City. The last time I went to Malagos Garden and Philippine Eagle Center was like five years ago. Like most kids, and teenagers that time I was so ecstatic about seeing caged animals on what everyone considers as the only Davao Zoo.

It was a Sunday, a family day for us all, we watched an interactive bird show that conveyed a message about "Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection", "Climate Change", "Ecological Solid Waste Management" and finally "Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management". It was entertaining and educational at the same time. We were happy to get up close with brilliantly colored birds like cockatoos and macaws. We got amused by their funny love story but deep inside still lies the sad reality that some if not all of their kinds, are endangered.

The Malagos Garden Bird Amphitheater.

So much for the sad tone there, like I was not that emo the whole duration of the field trip. In fact, it gladdened my spirit to know that the animals there are well taken care of. It's also good to know that there are people and organizations that supports advocacy programs for our animals, most especially for our National bird, the Country's Philippine Eagle.
There was this scene during the bird show where all the ducks went running. It was pretty fascinating to see them act like that. To line up and to run in group. That scene reminded me of one of my summer vacations spent in my grandma's house in the province! Yes, I was chased by lots of ducks and geese way back then.
Birds: The Philippine Owl, White Cockatoo, Blue-and-Yellow Macaw and the freakin Ostrich which both surprised and scared the shit out of me! And of course, there's another birdie there which you're not supposed to see! Haha.
All Photos taken at Malagos Garden Resort is credited to Meiyah.info! Thank you Ate Meiyah!! 

So, we wandered around Malagos Garden like kids taking photographs of birds and some other animals but mostly to ourselves. LOL. (Ang hahayop lang!)

After lunch, we headed to the Philippine Eagle Center which was only around 10 minutes away from Malagos Garden.

As we enter the place, I saw a wounded Philippine Hawk Eagle who gave me that!! that!! Ohh..that!

Are they normally teary-eyed creatures or that it's just in pain?

Before exploring the place, we had a small briefing with one of the facilitators of the reserve. There, we learned how the Philippine Eagle Center started and saw how committed they are to promote the survival of the Philippine Eagle, the biodiversity it represents, and the sustainable use of our forest resources for future generations to enjoy. Ehem. Ehem.

So we proceeded on the tour. And we met. .
Presenting the Philippine Eagle! Meet Binay (If I'm not mistaken). :p
Then I rove around looking for some other animals and I saw this one.
This deer have caused me to embarrass myself! Like, I called this one a "Reindeer". I don't know what I was thinking then that I told my friends I saw a reindeer taking a bath by itself. By the way, it's a Philippine Deer!

                                                                                                          Please Do not do this at home, do it at the MALL! 
So after some bird watching we finally went home to rest and prepare ourselves with some PIZZA OVERLOAD at Don Beppe! Yay, you don't wanna miss that post! :p

It was a great and fun learning experience, plenty of laughter and respect to nature. I hope some day my dream will come true, figuratively though. :D

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  1. Wew. It's been years since the last time I went to the zoo. If my memory serves me right, it was 2004 or 2005 whatever sa Manila Zoo. Nakakalungkot nga lang isipin na they are in captivity. Pero I think its better than them to be in the wild where some stupid people hunts them down.

  2. @Hoobert: Nakakalungkot na daw ang itsura ng Manila Zoo ngayon. Sayang yung mga animals dun. Unfortunately, konti lang mga animals dito sa Davao, but we pride of having quite a number of Philippine Eagles though! That includes PAGASA, yung binibidang agila dahil sya ang first Philippine eagle born in captivity. :D

    I'm not sure if there are still lots of hunters these days, kung gayon man edi mabuti na ngang nakakulong ang mga animals at least safe sila. Thanks for dropping by.