Re'Markable Choices for Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011!

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I feel so flattered yet embarrassed of the sudden votes I received from awesome people across Philippine Blogosphere on this years' Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. I didn't really expect it, that I went crazy over the simultaneous "Hey, Mark I nominated you!" PM's on my facebook account.

Like before, I would campaign so as I would be listed on any award-giving blogging projects and yet now they came along unexpectedly. I woke up late this afternoon because of the stress given by having two of my teeth removed last night. And when I turned my laptop on,  I was so surprised when I learned that some bloggers nominated me for the said blogging project.

I usually dread the thought of having dental extraction but if my teeth costs heart-warming nominations and flattering remarks then I would go to the dentist every day.LOL

Kidding aside, I never really thought any of this would happen. I didn't even had any intention to join Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 because I'm quite insecure of myself. But thanks to the people who nominated me! They made my day extra special and I never felt so good about myself until today.

Because of that, quite surprisingly also, I will be joining this year's Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011! So anyway here's my list:

1. Eat's Terrific by Orman Manansala - From his personal blog, Gandaeversomuch, Kuya Orman have branch out with a food blog which serves the best Cooking 101 tips and Food Trip Adventures among the few food blogs I know.

2. Kikay Much - perhaps the only and the most prominent local kikay blogs I know.She blogs about beauty and fashion and sometimes share tips like having a "KIKOY KIT" for boys like me. :)
The Geek Travels

3. The Geek Travels - Authored by Renz Bulseco, I'm not quite sure if he's a newbie or not but when I checked his archive it looks like he just started blogging this year. I was really impressed with his writing style and his travel adventures are so interesting. We used to share something in common about Kadayawan but now he's ahead of me because he's officially a Kadayawan-virgin no more!

4. Kitchen Hopping - Owned by a good friend of mine, Leah Valle. Here she features all the food that would make you salivate every time you get to see the photos. She's very influential when it comes to food and very generous too, in fact, personally, because of sticking around with her I was able to try a variety of dishes she just can't help but share! And I've gained quite some pounds too. O_O

5. Markable - Of course, I had to be on my top 5 at least. Haha! Pwede namang i-nominate ang sarili diba? Adik.

6. Blogger Manila - It wasn't too long ago when I last heard something from Kuya Jonel. But he's always been so kind and supportive on me when I intend to secretly penetrate award-giving activities in Manila. LOL. But not only that, he was able to put up a series of blog which are branded with "Manila" on their names and I think it's really an amazing thing. Hmm..Kuya Jonel, you just gave me an idea!? Hahaha.

me likes art7. Me Likes Art - by Will Cabrera. He's not a cousin of mine not even a confirmed relative but because we share almost the same set of interests like, mostly film and art I'd like to think we are. LOL! Hi there cousin! Haha. I think it's noteworthy to say that both of us write on awesome Asian movie blogs, I contribute on Asian Movie Pulse and Will does so at Japan Cinema!

Libotero – Philippine Travel Photo Blog8. Libotero - More than envying Sinjin's Libot Map!! I find his travel blog unique because aside from sharing his travel adventures with friends, its amazing to note that he is most of the time a lone traveler.

TiaraLets, Byahe tayo!9. Tiaralets - Not only that I was somehow responsible for the catchy name of Tiara's blog but she's one of the most likable Davao Blogger (who is now based in Manila). I super love her adventures and she's indeed one hell of a girl. Like, she's so courageous for taking The Plunge, now she's claimed to as the "Daredevil Goddess ng Pilipinas"!

TheStyle Logo10. Tripsaholic - Owned by another good friend of mine, Kuya Faust Principe's travel blog features his adventures around Mindanao. I like how his travel blog looks! So elegant and the logo is cool. Haha!

So that's it! :)

Win or Lose, I'm going to treat each vote as a birthday present. I'm turning twenteen this 13th of September by the way, so keep the presents coming okay? LOL.Haha!

My sincerest thanks and warm gratitude to the people who have included me on their list of this year's prestigious Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. Awaaard!!!

The Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs is a writing project that aims to identify new and emerging blogs that are making an impact to its reader. This year is the 5th year of this writing project. And this writing project would not be possible if not for the following sponsors:  Cyber Monday DealsTRIbeca Private ResidencesHow To VideosPalawan Beaches for Sale,Green and Natural Lubes PhilippinesPhilippine data centerPhilippine online shoppingSingapore JobsPinoy Party FoodManila rentals, and Great product deals.

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  1. thanks my dear markable mark!!!

  2. Hey Mark! thanks for the nomination I'm flattered! ^-^

  3. thank you mark! naiyak naman ako, chos! :D see you soon, balik davao ako, twice, this october.

  4. Thanks sa hindi pagnominate sa akin :)

  5. @koya Andrew: Adik ka lagi! Hahaha.
    Medyo fail nga yun isang nomination jan eh.
    ma-Awaaard naman yung mga blogs mo kuya so kahit hinde i mention chox lang.
    And Cinegang is not yet 3 months old kaya ayun.hehe O_o

  6. Hi Mark. I just included you in the raffle masterlist. Hope to see you on September 13.

  7. @Mam Janette: Thank you po!! :)

  8. yeow

    pah exchange link naman oh, hehehehe :)

    Belated Happy Birthday again sah sumusunod sah akin...

    arze - pinasbackpackers
    Your Travel Guide in the Philippines