Tasty and Affordable Snacks at Sy Bee Tin!

4:14 AM

Whenever I'm ask to accompany Quenniely, my 10 years old sister, to Church on Saturdays for her art workshop I usually drop by this Chinese food haus called "Sy Bee Tin". It's a small, open food outlet located at Tionko Avenue, Davao City.

It's a favorite place for it plays with my high school memories. I sometimes hangout there with my classmates back then, since it's only a few blocks away from school. Aside from my favorite Pizza Roll, I was able to try their Lechon Lugaw, Palabok, Siopao, Casavva Cake, Toasted Siopao and Mami. But there best-seller is the Garlic Bread which I have yet to try since I rarely eat anything with garlic. Not that I am allergic with garlic but let's just say I'm one of those modern-day vampires whose noses bleed whenever they smell garlic.Haha! What a reason. LOL

Hey, you might be wondering why I'm blogging about this food outlet. Aside from that I passed by their shop awhile ago, and that they have the best Pizza Roll in town, and that I will be there tomorrow because it's Saturday - this post will serve as my entry to this month's Blog Caravan.

This Blog Caravan's topic is meals for P100 or less that you can only find in Davao. It says "meals" but I'm sure I'm not violating the topic since Sy Bee Tin does not only serve tasty snacks but they also specializes with Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner meals.And another thing, it's proudly a Davao Food Haus.

It occurred to me when I spotted two more branches which was near schools. One in DMSF Drive and the other one in Ateneo Jacinto. I'm not quite sure what's there best-seller when it comes to meals but I was able to try their "Fried Siomai with Rice" meal in one of their branches.It's only worth P42.00 which is a win-win if you're on a tight budget.

I was also told that they serve grilled ribs which they sell for only 120 pesos. But that includes the drink so the meal itself might only cost P100 or less. Tomorrow, I'm going back to Sy Bee Tin for lunch  - wanna join with me??

Here's there price list anyway:

P.S: I'm hoping for a free lunch tomorrow.Joke!
(Jokes are half meant! lol)

Photo Credits: Sy Bee Tin Facebook Fan Page

So if you want tasty and affordable snacks here in Davao - you might wanna check out Sy Bee Tin! :)

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  1. haha i remember the days ^_^

  2. @April: Haha.remember the days jud!!
    Pizza Roll lang gud akong ginabalikan dra.lol

  3. Tnk u for this blog. Hope to see u at sy bee tin


  5. @Anonymous: Yeah, the best garlic bread in town. I've finally tried it! :D
    Also, thank you for the invitation you sent to me via facebook. Cheers! :D