Dreaming A Lucid Dream!

11:20 AM

Rarely do I have dreams about dreaming that I'm dreaming on my dream inside a dream. Sound complicated but if there's any simple way to say it – then, I must be dreaming a lot.LOL


This post has nothing to do with the movie you may associate with the image
above nor was it influenced by the movie since I the blogger haven't even watched

These past few weeks, I sort of have it every another day. I don't know why or how? But it's so strange to see yourself dreaming that you're dreaming. It also feels so unnerving when you try to seek for ways to wake up especially when you know you're in a lucid dream. A false awakening, they mostly call it. It's like you're in a loop DOS Program, repeating certain actions until the condition becomes false.

Certain aspects of life may be dramatized, or out of place in false awakenings but this dream of mine was almost believable that half way through I thought I wasn't in a dream at all.

I was on the living room then, lying comfortably on the couch and was about to sleep. The television was on, so were the lights and the electric fan. My parents and siblings weren't around; they must be downstairs. Suddenly, I heard the sounds of definite footsteps on our bare wooden floors heading to the kitchen. I was about to sleep, when I felt like I had to guess who created those noise. So I turned off the TV and waited for any sign of response. A few seconds later, I heard the pouring of water to a glass. It was so audible except that the electric fan also created some annoying noise that I wanted to turn it off. So when I tried reaching the fan, I couldn't move myself anymore.

Then someone turned it off for me, I only saw the hands and the finger, they look like my Dads so I didn't budge. But I can't move a muscle. I realized, I must have been dreaming all along. Then I stared on the black screen of the TV, and saw myself sleeping. I asked myself, "How can I be sleeping when I had all these things in mind?” Then I thought, maybe if I'd sleep again I'll wake up for real. So it was like I was zapped inside a black hole as I tried to sleep. This time, I tried waking up and then I was awake - "Finally!” I exclaimed.

I tried to move around, turned the TV on and even tried watching a crappy cartoon called "Oggy and the Cockroaches" for a little while before I went downstairs. I looked for everyone but there was no sign of them. Then, I thought I must be in another dream. So I headed back upstairs to do everything again. I was about to set foot on the stairs, when my Mother called my attention.

Char. I almost cried here. . .

I sighed in relief and told her what happened. She comforted me, told me not to do any strange and awkward sleeping positions. Avoid eating before sleep, told me to wiggle my big toe if it ever happens again and all that. Then she handed me an empty glass and told me I should drink some cold water upstairs.

I was feeling a little comfortable then when I was upstairs. Everything seemed to be alright. The TV was still on and so was the fan. I was just so happy I'm finally awake that I was smiling as I headed towards the kitchen. I opened the fridge, took a pitcher of water out and placed it on the table together with my empty glass. The TV show caught my attention.
Oggy was chasing the cockroaches, behind a white background. But things didn't seem alright in the show then; it was like a never ending chase. I waited for a few seconds for the chasing scene to be over. While waiting I started to pour a small amount of water on my glass. Then there was silence, the TV suddenly shut off and I felt like I was on some sort of Déjà vu.

When I poured the water on the glass, it reminded me of the things that happened on my dream earlier. While the crisp sound of the water reverberated inside my head, my heart pumped so hard that it forced me to walk towards the sofa.

In my head, I knew I was going to see myself there trying to turn the electric fan. But to my relief I saw nobody. Gosh! I'm just over-thinking, so freaking paranoid that I almost hated myself. So before going downstairs, I drank my glass of water and turned off the electric fan. Just when I'm about to step right out of the doorway, I tried to check if everything's fine. The lights were on though as usual, the fan was turned off - check! The house seemed clean; the windows are open – check! But when my eyes came across the television, the black screen of the television - I saw myself again, lying on the couch once more.

Now, there's a tension building up inside me and all over the place. Instead of panicking, I managed to calm down and look for another way to get out of my dream. I went downstairs to seek help but halfway downstairs I realized I'm all alone on this dream of mine. I'm inside my dream dreaming that I'm dreaming countless dreams. And the only way to get out of it is *CHING!*  An idea hit my head. I have to force myself to wake up. Okay, that's it!

So, I went in front of my other self who was lying on the couch. I stared closely how I looked when I'm at sleep. I looked really problematic though. I must have been dreaming about the same dream again. In my mind, I have to wake up that "sleeping me"! So I made noises around. I banged the door, destroyed the TV, threw all the kitchenware, amazingly pulled down the cabinet, the dividers, the electric fan and then I snapped and gave up. Everything looked like a disaster from where I stood; if it wasn't only a dream my Mom would have killed me, I thought. I felt so weak and tired, blank and spaced out I gazed again to my "sleeping self". Could this be not a dream at all? What if, this is more than just a dream? What's more than just a dream anyway?

Those things got into my head and another idea hit me! The Internet addict within me arouse that I began searching for my laptop. When I found it, I tried looking for answers via Google but whatever I search - it says "No results found”. I tried thinking of a more concise search keyword but struggled with the ditto of what we used to call here "Bangungot (in Tagalog) / Urom(in Cebuano)". It's good that I've once read a lucid dreaming story not so long ago that my mind was able to recall what it was. Then I typed "Lucid Dreaming" but to no avail, my search did not match any documents. Still, I believed I was in a state of Lucid dreaming.

Now, this is worse than a dream I guess.

"This isn't happening!" I exclaimed.

I couldn't accept that I am a lucid dreamer. This is my first time to experience this kind of dream and I don't know what to do; my knees were shaking, tears brimmed down my face.Then I recalled some scenes on ghost-themed movies and tried getting inside my body. And boy, it worked!

I was awake again, lying on the sofa but there were the sound of footsteps again and all. So I tried sleeping again to see how things are going to change. Things started to become weirder and weirder every time I try to wake up inside the dream. I see different things every time I open my eyes but the footsteps won't stop. Only this time I thought “I'm inside my dream so I can control whatever happens” I controlled my dream and tried dreaming of happy dreams.

In one of those happy dreams I remember myself riding a on cloud while blue birds were all around me. :| Meehh! Wala lang.hehe

It made very happy that when I woke up from that dream the “feel” has totally changed. From the couch, I saw Junior, my baby brother, opened my parents bedroom door and stared at me from where he was standing. His stare weighed really heavy then that it looked like he was mad at me or something.

I got confused that I rubbed my eyes to see if I was just imagining it and all. Then he was out of my sight. There were footsteps again, and I began to panic. I turned around and saw junior standing on the right end of the sofa. He plastered a smile which looked rather bothering. It felt creepy but I tried reaching him with my hands. But I couldn't move again. Just then, he jumped towards me and bit me in the chest.

My heart stopped for so a while and then there was a strong heartbeat which felt I was being kicked back to life! I was awake now! Like for real. I then asked my sister who was just right beside me (watching TV) if she ever heard me scream, talk or move in anyway but she confirmed none. I stood up and went to the sink to wash my face. I looked at the mirror and slapped my face twice to convince myself that I'm back in the real world.

I turned off the TV, and went back to the sofa, opened my laptop and started writing about my first lucid dream experience, my lucid dream story. Of course, I tried searching for lucid dreams just right after that  crazy experience and Google showed me some good results!! ;-p

Is the Dream Real? Apparently NO...but then LUCID DREAMS do exists and I had a vivid one! 

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  1. wow... hmm, i think dba lucid dreams is about u dreaming and ure aware of it?

    haha, i miss that experience. dunno why do ku na ma experience again, usually, i just go with the flow and go back to sleep (even though i was sleeping at that time)...

  2. @Zirelic: Oo, I was doubtful at first pero yes I was aware of it.
    The experience is deadly though, if you can't find a way to wake up - you'll end up in a long deep sleep like coma or allegedly die of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis. Scary!!