DFAT 2011 Day 1: Let The Feast Begin!

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So it was the first day of DFAT 2011 and I have yet to meet some of the participants - probably the whole DFAT 2011 Team if no one misses out. I'm not sure if it was just that I'm too excited about the food that I didn't eat my breakfast or that home-food didn't seem yummy after last night's dinner at Yellowfin Seafood & Restaurant.Sorry Pa! (I'm just being honest.lol)

Trellis N' Vines

Anyway, Day 1 kicked off with a superb lunch at Trellis N' Vines.

I wasn't feeling well, when I was on my way to Trellis N' Vines. But the scorching heat compelled me to fly away minutes after walking sluggishly under the sun.

And finally, there I was. . 

It's my first time to eat at Trellis N Vines, but I've been hearing  a lot about the restaurant even before the tour. Trellis N' Vines serves Filipino dishes and a variety of Asian cuisines. We started off with Sinuglaw, my favorite Sunday dish made of grilled pork, tuna ceviche (fish cooked in vinegar), radish, onions, cucumber, green mango, ginger, chili and vinegar.

OH diba! Halatang alam ang ingredients!?

You might be wondering why Sunday? At home we usually have this dish during Sundays because it's the only time when my uncles could all booze together, sing to their lungs with the videoke and Sinuglaw is always their Pulutan. And every time I get to see this on the table I always make sure to take all the grilled pork in it! :p

 Trellis N' Vines version made me feel nostalgic about the past Sundays of my life.Char!

After that, other dishes were served as well.But no matter what dish comes, it's obligatory to save tummy space for Baby Back Ribs.It's a fave! And Trellis' version was really superb. The tender meat, the piquant sauce - well, the mashed potatoes were also good! Trellis' Baby Back was so good that I almost didn't wanna share.

Two other must-try dishes are Chicken Biryani and Crispy Noodles! For dessert we were served banana peanut roll - it looks like the typical turon, only topped with peanut butter and chocolate syrup.It was delicious but it burnt my tongue. Like nobody reminded me desserts can also be hot!

The place looks fine and simple, the warm colors inside made the place very welcoming and alive.The service was great, and their dishes? Hmmm - Worth the wait!

Later on, we went to Coffeecat (a few blocks away from Trellis N'  Vines) to prepare ourselves for a heavy snack at Mam Bebs Bakeshop.It gave us time to talk about blogging related stuff while some took the chance to pamper themselves by taking a nap. *Siesta!* Some ordered cold drinks while others had yogurt.

Mam Bebs Bakeshop

Then came my most awaited snack at Mam Bebs Bakeshop. Joining last year's DFAT Participants, I was able to try Mam Beb's unique pastries by participating in the Google Maps Precinct Mapping Party in Davao City. Just like last year we used the backdoor to get inside.lol.

Nah, I was saying. . Just like last year they served us my mega super duper uber favorite Pancit Luglug, breaded porkchop, the luscious mango squares, sweet potato rolls and *drum rolls please* Mam Beb's magnificent Apple Pies.

Oh, yeah I love the Apple pies so much that I actually had more than three pieces. It had cinnamon on the filling which made a the filling taste stronger and the crust, even though it lack the ideal dense and crisp for a pie, it tasted really great. As far as I could remember the last time I ate a real apple pie was way back my Culinary Arts in High school. Poor me! So most of my eating time were spent over the apple pies.Haha!

But a heavy snack wouldn't be heavy without two heavy Lechon Biik's! Sponsored by Beko's Biik - this is the first time that I've heard of a spicy lechon Biik. That's why I got too excited that on my way to the table. I felt like I'm a meat-hungry zombie about to eat two poor petrified piglets.

Then came a morbid scene - the death of the two  poor piglets, stomach opened, bones were ripped, skins were teared and later was eaten by a mob of hungry pig-craving zombies. . .all rejoicing the death of the two Lechon biiks!

It didn't seemed long before dinner time was ready.So we headed off to Ranch N' Reef for a buffet sponsored by San Miguel Brewery.I was already full when I got to the place so my aim was to eat a little bit of everything.The night was filled with laughter; Brains were teased by the super hyper Sushi Game Master Evanjohnn. He initiated mini word games (Around the World, I'm Going to the Moon, Black Magic..etc) that made everybody's brain work out that night.

The fun didn't end there though for they all went to a coffee shop. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come with them because I was so tired and sleepy then. I opted to go home, besides I'm afraid it'll rain that night. Nevertheless, on the first day of DFAT it felt like . It's a day like no other, a day devoted only to eating *oh wait* and of course - group shots!

Photo by The Photoblogger.

Main Branch: Mc Arthur Highway, Balusong, Matina, Davao City
Contact Number: +6382-297-8463
Mobile Numbers: +63922-8832282 and +63917-7000243
Website: TrellisnVines.com FB Page: Trellis ‘n Vines

Address: CVA Building, CM Recto Street, Davao City (in between Union Drug and Planters Bank)
Contact Number: +6382-2278131

Contact Numbers: +6382-2272445, +6382-2863445
Mobile Number: +63922-8381600
Pick up for Davao orders is at Dimsum Diner Guerrero Street, Davao City.

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  1. is that ate tiara mejos beside you ?

  2. LOL! Naloka ako sa Biik illustration haha :))

  3. @April: Yep. That's Tiara of (Tiaralets.com)! Haha.