Oh My, Coffee Dream! Yammy!

11:59 AM

I've been much of a coffee addict lately. Yes, I've been through with that and got over it so as my insomnia won't come back. But when I went to Coffee Dream a month ago I fell in love with coffee again!

To be honest, I've been itching to go back there while writing this. But I had no time because school is getting on the way. You know school stuffs that are so lame I don't even want to attend - but I have to!?

Now, now, it was actually my first time to visit Coffee Dream Davao. Although I once saw their other branch at J.P. Laurel Avenue I never had the chance to stop by and have coffee. But like what I've mentioned earlier, Coffee Dream made me fall in love with Coffee (again!). Although, in the irony, I never even had the chance to embrace the warmth or coolness of their coffee blends! I’ll explain myself later.Haha!

So I was lucky to have been invited to visit the so revamped Coffee Dream at SM City Davao. Unlike most coffee shops, the place felt homey and sprightly. In other words it wasn't dark (which is good) so that you will notice the time. Like, when you're inside a coffee shop with your friends it feels as though time doesn't exist. That happens all the time especially when you really get involve on either some serious business, or baloney. It's like a place where you do talk-all-you-can and have coffee/snack at the same time!

It's also a nice place to hangout because it's located inside a mall. Like you can go shopping, watch movies and play at the arcade anytime of the day. Coffee Dream will serve as your "base" in other words. Only that you will have to pay for your coffee of course. They have WiFi, which is free of charge and that will make your stay cozier. Although I think that they should have more couches than the ordinary table-and-chairs setting so that every set of Barkada's will be very happy! Yey. A friend of mine (who blogs at Davaoisms) relates "Masarap at malambot ba couches dun?? hehehe!! Upuan lang kasi habol ko sa coffee shops."

For shoppers and 'Mallers' alike, what's better than relaxing your inner self under the confines of sugar, caffeine and delectable pastries after a nerve-racking SALE expedition inside a very crowded Mall?

And that reminds me! Sandwiches, cakes, pastas, cold and hot variants of coffee and other chilled blends were generously served to us all for free. Just take a look at the photos below and you'll find yourself drooling like me too.

Ohh! Ha?? Ano ka ngayon?

In case you're wondering, I only had Fro-Reo for the drinks! 

That should answer why I wasn't able to taste any of their coffee variants. But since I'm a coffee addict, even though I didn't taste any of their coffee I could say that they serve great tasting coffees just because of the smell.

Some coffee shops doesn't feel like coffee shop because of the place's smell.To quote Baldini of La Parfum "The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it."

 What's a coffee shop anyway, without the Coffee aroma molecules travelling through the air? Although my observation sounds vague I care not to argue. Not everyone is as gifted as I am.lols.

It might not be the feel the shop has, the couches or their special blend of Iced Mocha or Capucinno, but one thing's for sure the Coffee Addict within me is BACK! Thanks to Coffee Dream.

Update: I was able to try their coffee, here's Coffee Dream's Frosticinno. .and I must say it's. .

In a Coco-Martini-way!

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