My First Intense Fresh Experience!

8:47 AM

"If you were to tour a first timer around Davao City, Where would you take him/her?"

Most first timers would dare to do anything that'll make their stay extreme! With so much enthusiasm building up the moment they first step on Davao City it'll be best to bring them to a place where they would have their very first intense fresh experience! Char. No, I'm not goin to stuff their mouths with Colgate but I would rather take them into a garden, across the river and on a track uphill.

Okay, repeat after me, Garden of Bliss, Enchanting River, Steepy hilll! Say it louder, Louder! LOUDER! *Ala Dora the Explorer* lols.

Where exactly in Davao City can you do all these at once? Take a Guess!

If you guessed it right, the answer is at "Outland Adventure".

I've been itching to blog about this, since this blog hasn't been around the time I experienced "Outland Adventure’s Xcelerator". It's been a year actually, but zip-lining on Asia's longest zip line became so memorable that I thought it well deserves to be blogged and shared.

Now, now. .

Outland Adventure's Xcelerator is the largest ropes course facility in the Philippines, situated in a private nature sanctuary on the outskirts of Downtown, Davao City.

We arrived at Outland Adventure a wee early than the participants of Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2010. It gave me time to think to whether I should DO IT or not. Yeah, I was having doubts because to be honest, I'm that someone who would hide behind my Grandma's back when I get into serious trouble. "Zip Lining" may not sound like trouble at all but when I read their waver I was like. .SO PETRIFIED!

On the back of my mind, I said "It's not always everyday that I get to experience this", So finally, I said yes,

A while later, we were called for the orientation and then each of us were harnessed. The zipline is set on top of a hill .To reach the peak, we would be walking into a garden..

Rafting across the river. .

and Trekking up a steep hill!

It will take you about 15 to 20 minutes before you get to the peak.

And when you reach the peak, you'll be assisted by two staffs, and finally, zipline your way back which- will only take you less than a minute.

It was my turn then that I felt vomitty and scared. I even had a photo taken by a fellow blogger Ate Miah Laborte, where my expression looked rather scared while doing the PEACE SIGN! :|

When I jumped out of the edge of the ramp, it felt like my soul fell on the ground. Then came one of the most heart-pumping moment in my life - a death-defying stunt indeed - it felt like I was Superman flying above a breathtaking scenery. Yes, I was shouting at first but then later on in the middle I got astounded by the scene that it shut my mouth up.

Then the rope started to swing around, and I said "God, Please don't take me just yet"! The air went horribly strong and I started swinging again, it made me turn around and around until I got dizzy for a moment. In no time I reached the near end.

I didn't know what to do just then, but the last thing I remembered there were simultaneous explosions (created by the stops attached on the end of the line) and finally, I was safe. I was catching for my breath when I reached the ground - it was as though I didn't breathe at flight. Then I almost knelt feeling like embracing the ground and dramatically saying "Oh finally, LAND!!".

At eto ang Intense Fresh Experience Ko!

The rope course has an estimated length of 1 km. It's an action pack adventure -I tell you!  You'll never regret you've tried it. Although, I would recommend you not to read the waiver; it's quite scary, especially the last word.

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