New Blogger Dashboard Released on Blogger In Draft!

6:32 PM

Yeah, I know it's been so looong since I posted anything here on Markable. Backlogs! Actually, I have them dumped on my draft for almost a month now. I couldn't finish them for some reasons but I'm working on it now.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to update you guys that Blogger has unleashed the New User Interface of Blogger for Blogger in Draft users. Before, I was actually wondering on How to Get the New Blogger Dashboard but later on, I learned that since its debut last April they have released it only to few selected territories. So I waited patiently, and *poof* when I logged on my Blogger account this morning the revamped UI of Blogger surprised the hell out of me! I suddenly felt a gush of adrenaline flowing through my veins which compelled me to write and share this good news to everyone.

Yes, you heard it right! It's now my turn to experience the acclaimed "Awesome Blogger Dashboard"! ;-) In fact, I'm using the new blogger "Editor" while writing this post. .

Click on the Images to Enlarge! Okay?

So to start, the first screenshot below shows the Blogger Homepage, the first thing you'll see when you logged on to your Blogger account. As you can see I manipulated something on the upper right of the screenshot which says "Your-email-here"; because basically it was my email address that was displayed there and I don't want it to share with you guys.lols.(Of course, you know it has to be confidential.)

Anyway, like the old Blogger dashboard this page features all the links to your Blog Specifics and your "Reading List". Now, allow me to tell you that in the New UI of Blogger, each of your Blogs ( Listed, as shown in the screenshot below ) NOW has their own Dashboards. And you can navigate to a Blog's dashboard by simply clicking the "Home" icon.

On the page, you can also quickly add a post by clicking on the "Pen" icon, easily create a new blog by clicking on the orange button which says "New Blog" and View a blog with the "View Blog" button.

It also shows a snippet of your Blog Statics (pageviews), your number of posts, last dates published, the number of your Primary blogs and "other blogs".Take note that your "blogs" listed under "OTHERS" are those blogs that you have hidden.

Yeah, I have that many blogspot blogs! lol. No really, I just kind of "reserved" the Blogspot Subdomains for future use.Nahh..Why am I explaining myself! lol

Below's the Dasboard of!

No! My blog caricature's not included.

My "Posts" Page.

I wasn't lying when I told you I have unfinished posts dumped on my Drafts.

Now, check Blogger's New "Comments" Tab.

I'm skipping the STATS, here's the Earnings Tab!

Here's The Layout Page, where you can "drag and drop' elements, add widgets and upload Header(Banner) a FAVICON (New).

Here's the Templates Page!

The Settings Page!

And *drumrolls* the New Post Editor!

Now, if you want to experience the new Blogger interface like I did! There is no sign up or activation process required; Just visit Blogger in Draft, and you’ll find the revamped interface, all ready for your exploration!

This is only the beginning of many exciting updates for Blogger this year!

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  1. Whoaw! Haha. Cool, must include it on the "change list of Google stuffs". :D

  2. great great! thanks mark. go blogger! :D

  3. My blogger dashboard doesn't change it still the same as before...

  4. @Event Lover: Like I said, go visit Google Draft to experience the new UI!

  5. @Eugene: Yeah, right.You can say that again!

  6. I'm gonna try this. I didn't know Blogger has this until you posted about it. :-)

  7. I hate the place where they put the edit template section. I don't like it at all :(

  8. @Mikimoto Angel: Well, in case you don't know, they also released 5 dynamic ways on viewing a blog. .check out the "Magic Preview" tab on my blog's navigation.

  9. @Alvaro Fernandez:
    Yeah, me too!
    They should have placed it on the layouts page.
    I actually panicked when I didn't saw it there.
    Nasa Templates page pala.

  10. I have a question. Say if you don't like the new-blogger dashboard, can I revert back to the old one?

  11. @Markpogi: Yep, since the release hasn't been officially applied to - you can still opt to use the old dashboard

    But you must not check(✓) the box where it says
    "☐ Make Blogger in Draft my default" while visiting the new dashboard in Blogger In Draft.

  12. kinda confusing O_O

  13. i don't like new dashboard...
    how to make old dasboard...
    please help me...

  14. I have already this new dashboard but i don not know how to
    show the tools of dashboard like sittings for example on the page.
    Will you help? thanks

  15. Can we exchange link?
    I already added your link in my sites:

    DotA Blog

    You can check your link at the "Links" section page at the top left side thanks!