Welcome Dinner at Yellow Fin Seafood & Restaurant!

4:54 AM

DFAT 2011 kicked off with a delicious welcome dinner to the participants at the 
I was almost ready for Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011 when Ate Leah, the Travel Teller and I got late on the welcome dinner after the facial treatment we had at Bioessence.(awts! pero bongga lang.)

But I was glad that even we were an hour late, the organizers were kind enough to let us fill our empty stomachs with great tasting aliments.Still, I felt quite unnerved and embarrassed to be around people who might have waited long to feast on Yellow Fin's best sellers. Pero, obviously they didn't wait any longer and eventually eat like there's no tomorrow at Yellow Fin Seafood and Restaurant.

These are just 3 of my favorite dishes at Yellow Fin. . .

Pork Liempo, Kinilaw and Laing.

Of the 3, Laing was my favorite.It's the less common here in Davao and arguably in Mindanao for unlike most Laing dishes (I've had) it has fish on it.The taste of the fish well complemented the spicy flavor; and the texture of the gabi leaves made the taste more divine.

Adobong Tuna Buntot, Grease less Chicken, Imbao Soup

I was able to try the Adobong Tuna Buntot and Imba Soup but I didn't know there exist such thing as the Grease less chicken! I would have eaten that if they told me its difference with any other fried chicken.Yeah! I missed to at least have a bite of their grease less chicken.Most reviews says that even though the restaurant is known for being number 1 on Seafood meals, their greaseless chicken is a must-try.

The Adobong Tuna was crispy on the outside and has a soft chewy meat in the inside making every bite so heavenly.While Imba Soup lead me to the start of a non-stop seafood eating spree! It was a superb dinner. I'm happy I was able to catch up with them, met other bloggers, who like me, will take part on this year's grandest event.

A little while later, I felt sleepy, so Ate Leah and I opted to go home while the others went to a coffee shop.And I went home with big smile. . . . .and a big stomach! Looking forward. . to a more scrumptious meal the following day.

Yellow Fin Seafood and Restaurant is a place I will definitely recommended!

Yellow Fin Seafood and Restaurant
Cuisine: Filipino
Hours: Open Mon-Sat, from 10AM to 10PM
Address: Sandawa Plaza, Quimpo Boulevard, Ecoland, Davao City
For Reservations: 082.297.8777 or 082.298.0299

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  1. Damn! What a great post! :))

  2. ngano daw ka na late? nagpa-facial man! :P hahaha

  3. Ang tyaga mo gumawa ng drawings every post!

  4. @Robbie: Wala lungs. Siguro, Para maiba lang.haha

  5. sarapppp!how i wish i was there! kahit dun sa facial spa lang :D

  6. Kumakain ako sa Yellow Fin dati; masarap talaga mga pagkain nila. Lalo na ang Kinilaw at Blue Marlin. I definitely recommend this restaurant to all Davao travelers. :-)