The Road Trip

3:59 AM

Morning. . .

It wasn't just my day then, since I woke up late, I haven't had my breakfast and my friends had been constantly texting me, asking where the hell I was. When I arrived at our meeting place depressing thoughts started to fade away. Everyone was smiling as though I came from heaven yet the constant asking of my whereabouts a bit earlier had been quite hell for some of us. Therefore, I came from hell. Haha. >.< Even so it made my day that I suddenly felt cheerful and enthusiastic about the trip.

So I looked around and saw other travelers who will be joining the Samal adventure. "Well, everyone seems to be excited", I thought as I started eating my breakfast. A while later, we started our Samal Island Trip. Hopped on a barge, then later started our 30 minute road trip to our first destination - The Monfort Bat Cave.

The Road Trip

The 30 minutes ride gave me some time to think about things. A lot of things, actually lots and lots of things.Things that I don't even have much time to mention. But it also gave me time to take notice of some little funny things that would make it easier to break the ice between I, my friends and the new faces around.
Yeah that's Doc Charles(The Sleeper), Me (The Thinker) and Ate Leah (The Photographer??! Haha). .

Well it kind of kept me entertained as well. I mean, being around these people for some time in an adventure is a relief from all the things that's been buggin my mind.This trip is going to be a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city mouths at home -

I really hate travelling by land, minutes of travel would make me dizzy, hours would make me feel uncomfortable and vomitty. Well, it only took us some time to get to our first destination. But I paid no mind of the travel time since something caught my attention.

I was just gazing at the window, when the air filtered down greenly through the leaves.The air smelled good until when I looked away from the window and felt like someone's suspiciously looking at me from somewhere.

As we passed through the rocky roads of Samal Island I heard something others couldn't hear. A tiny sharp prolonged sound which sort of hurt my ear. One said, it was the sound of silence but I didn't quite believed it because the jeep's engine was roaring.It was something like a supersonic wave, (I might have powers you know?haha.).I knew that it was something, I'm looking forward to -

Yes, I'm looking forward to the time I'll See Batman Face to Face!

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  1. Indeed man.. Well, those people are actually one of the best buddies, Doc. Charles is a noble Puller(LOL) or should I say a Hot Dentist. so matching with this gorgeous LEAH. God damn dude, it must have been a freaky freaky adventure. Lotsa fun and hotness!