Experience Samal, The Ultimate Way!

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Meet the Travel Blogger - Olanology!
It's been almost a month since the Ultimate Summer Adventure gave both bloggers and travel enthusiasts the best summer challenge anyone has ever imagined.In 2 days and 1 night, 21 individuals tested the strength of their stomachs as they passed through the Monfort Bat Cave; hopped on wowing Samal Beach resorts like the Marex Beach Resort, jumped into joy and excitement on the Vanishing Island, climbed the peak of Mt.Puting Bato,camped into the white sandy beach of Kaputian, dived into the chilly waters of the Hagimit Falls, and had a short side trip & snacks in "The Orchard Resort".What more can you ask for?

Me? Personally, more food and water.lol. Not that I didn't have much food to eat but the whole trip would have required a lot of food and water to replenish my energy. It was kinda tough most especially the mountain trek at Mt. Puting Bato. The land travel from a place to another, however gave relief to our feet, isn't quite enough to restore the energy we initially had. Even so, I was still enthusiastic about our next destination.

It was my second visit at the Island Garden City of Samal, the first time I went there was actually just last Christmas vacation. We had a family reunion on one of its beaches, and from that experience I must say Samal is a nice place for gatherings - either social, campy, hang-out with friends, team building or just like ours, a family gathering .

After our pre-Christmas family cruise, I was wondering when I'd ever be able to visit the place again. But thanks to Kuya Olan, he popped that bubble out of my head and called out for his first ever "Olanology's Ultimate Samal Adventure".It was as if, he owned the whole island that I felt very welcomed when he invited me on his adventure on exploring the island.

Note: Click on Images to see raw photos. . 

Stuffing the sea breeze in your lungs by morning. .

The magnificent view atop the highest peak of the island. . .

Enjoying every slaps of the water on a waterfalls. . .

And a whole lot more. .

It was indeed an ultimate trip which offered a lot of firsts, fun and "friendships"(whom I first met in the trip).Allow me to turn this personal blog into a travel blog so that I could chronicle my little voyage, on the little island called "SAMAL". And by the way, also allow me to turn this into a food blog as well since DFAT is coming this May 2011.

Just right after this post, wait up for a follow up because it's about time to Experience Samal.

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  1. hahahaha. :) lingawa ani mark oi. :) hehehe. :) thanks for joining. happy to know you had fun. kita mo kung di ka sumama nito, di ka makakabalik ng Samal. :)

  2. magco-comment NALANG ako kasi pinilit man ako. Nyahaha!! Kiddin' lang! Bitaw, as always, I'm amazed by your artworks, moreover, fascinated by your words! xD Keep it comin' Mark! Sa uulitin! :)