Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011

12:01 PM

I was lucky enough to be chosen as a participant in the most prestigious blogging event in the country – the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011. Many were called, few were chosen but will I survive 4 days of food overload?

As one blogger said,“ it's the only time in the year were Gluttons will rise and diets will fail.”

And I have proven that to myself when I attended some parts of last years' Davao Food Appreciation Tour. And take note, some parts palang yon! I've thrown my diet away!

DFAT, is actually, my first ever blogging event - in fact, it was during DFAT that I was formally introduced not only to the DFAT 2010 Participants but with the Davao Bloggers as well.Yes! It marked as my first time to associate with bloggers ever! I was just a newbie then and (arguably still) up to now.

After 1 year (yayy! I'm a 1 year old Davao Blogger na!.hehe), returning, debuting as an official and confirmed participant of Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011, blogging under my colorfully dramatic personal blog (Markable.me) - I shall eat with no mercy this time around! But will this year's event surpass my last year's DFAT experience? Most probably, YES! Still. . .

That’s what you’re going to find out as I chronicle my wanderings around Davao, my little adventures with new found blogger friends and my ravings about the best dishes in the City.

I have yet to blog about the adventures we had during the recently-concluded Davao Food Appreciation Tour that’s why for the meantime – help yourself on looking at the mouth-watering goodness of these sumptuous chows!

Also the Davao Food Appreciation Tour Organizers, would like to thank the following sponsors:

DFAT is organized by Avatar Media in cooperation with My Davao City. The Avatar Media Team is composed of:

>>Brendel Balaga of Blogging Frenzy,
>>Andrew dela Serna of Davao Foodie,
>>Ria Jose of Kusina Maria
>>Dulce Lada of Davao Talk, and
>>Lyle Santos of Thinking Out Loud.

To the organizers, Thank you for including me in the list of the DFAT 2011 Participants!
The Davao Food Tour Appreciation 2011 Team is composed of. . 
That's just it for now! But wait, there's more. .  :)

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  1. well done mark :)

    congrats on the dfat event :)

  2. ang cute ng mga caricatures!!! hindi mo nga pala namention na video star ka na!

  3. wow ganda! nakakapressure nmn itong post mo mark

  4. @Tessa: Thanks. .hopefully, ikaw naman next year! :)

  5. Ang kyut naman! Hahaha. Ikaw na! :)

  6. Waaaaaaah memories of the food!!! T_T

  7. @kuya Orman: Salamats! Ay..Oo nga no? Nagpa-starirayan kami nila Robbie & Van.haha

    Para lang akong ewan dun, anyway - it was a great experience. Reserve ko yun for my next post! hehe

  8. @Ate Darlyn: Bat ka ma pe-pressure? Talo ako nga ako sa silence mo eh. Ano pa kaya kung silent blog posts ang i publish mo? haha.

  9. HOY! teka, bakit nagiging rich kid ang title ko 0___0 waaaah, dapat official putographer!

  10. Angkyut! dapat ata sa akin 'The Sleepy Head' pero hmmm... applicable na rin sa Senyorita yun haha can't wait for the rest of the posts!

  11. @Robbie: Memories talaga ha?

    @Rabsky: thanks.

    @Photoblogger: Changed na po! haha

  12. dora the explorer? haha. ang cute ng caricature. :D

  13. @Senyorita: Haha. The Sleepy head! Dapat si ate brendel yun. Ilang beses lang nauntog tulog parin haha.


  14. @Tiara: Oo, explorer ka talaga! ikaw na te, ikaw lang talaga ang nag-ikot sa barangay Bagobo tribe! :) para lang si dora.haha

  15. bakit the silent ako? sana the big mouth nlng..lol

  16. @Darlyn: Demanding! Hahaha. .
    Edi sana panay chika tayo nun. haha

  17. kooky graphics, like always ;)
    what software do you use mark? ang sipag ha!

  18. @Jesse: Thanks. .
    hmmm. . I use only photoshop. . :)
    Hindi naman sa masipag, hobby ko lang talagang magdrawing noon pa. Yung nga lang, this time virtual na! char.

  19. haha. si kapitan naman nagoffer ng tour. sumama lang ako. :) pero binigyan mo ko ng idea sa header for my travel blog. pag nagkafree time ako i'll start setting it up na. thanks sa help last time! :)

  20. @Tiara: Haha. Pero parang ang bilis mo rin nakabalik sa view deck no?

    Anyway, na purchase mo na ba ang domain? Keep quiet muna ako. .tell me when its done, parang mas excited ako ahh.haha!

    About last time, no problem! :)

  21. hahah ka cute sa cheesecake! love your post. makataba ang dfat!!! ^.^

  22. hehe. nakihitch man ko ride sa naay motor mao nakabalik ko dayun. wala pa, magpurchase pa lang. :)

  23. @13thWitch: Haha.salamat! That's raspberry cheesecake right? pasimple lang, lachis my fave.haha.

    Oo, makataba jud ang DFAT. haha.

  24. napalit na nako ang domain! haha. certified owner na ko sa tiaralets.com. :)

  25. The Mom.. buti safe ka jan, hahaha.. missing you all..