5 Fun Facts About Batman

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I came to see Batman face to face, during the Ultimate Samal Adventure 2011. I'm not kidding you, he's real! In fact I've been to his Batcave and learned fun facts about his life. He told me not to spill out too much secrets because if I did so he'll be traced up by Joker, The Riddler, Poison Ivy or Penguin. That's why from about the millions of things he told me, I boiled it down to 5. So you want to know the 5 facts about Batman? Read on.

5. Batman is Eco Friendly!

I know you've been absolutely blinded by the fact that the action tv series or movies of Batman are dark, violent and destructive. Then allow me to enlighten you that Batman helps Mother Earth whenever he's at flight. Batman, among all the superheroes is the only Eco-friendly. How? He helps on pollinating many plants. Since Batman is a vegetarian. .he feeds on nectar, fruits, veggies and eat them while at flight. :p

Batman however, always gets a bad rap about being associated with Vampires but there are only three species of vampire bats out of more than a thousand other species of bats.And yes, our dear Batman is indeed of the other specie - a fruit bat!

If Batman dropped your jaw with his techie gadgets and action stunts then you haven't seen his special power yet.Yes he does have a power, in fact he calls it "Reforestation".Since he only digs in to the flower and fruits of plants, digesting it in mere 20 minutes, the seeds either fall from flight or ends up on his guano since seeds can't be digested. The process is called "Seed Dispersal by Animals" or Epizoochory. That's just why, Batman is Eco Friendly!

4. The Batcave

The Batcave is but one of the most frequent hideout of Batman, well it serves as his home in the first place. Together with an assistant, there he plans strategies to defeat his enemies. There are actually around 70 caves in the Island Garden City of Samal alone, and over millions more from around the world, but it is only at Monfort Bat cave that bats have reached a plenty of 1.8 million. Even bats from other caves migrated on the Monfort Bat Cave in order to survive.

Batman lies beneath the cave, but you would have to dodge traps, climb boulders and face 1.8 million bats and their mighty secrete secret weapons to be able to see him.And since it's in the island, below are series of subterranean caves making it even harder for his enemies and some random stranger to intrude his secret hideout.

Like what I've said on my previous post (The Roadtrip), that on our way I heard something others couldn't. It was just when I reached the bat cave that I realized that Batman and I are already communicating in the echolocation-kind-of-way.Chos! I was once a bat by the way - Bat Boy! Haha!

And yes, he told me all of that! He even added a history , that during the World War II, the cave served as shield and shelter for the Japanese forces.That sadly, the caves that were supposed to be their sanctuary became a trap for the destruction.awts. .

3. He's Famous

In 2008, Batman stood up high (upside down) when the Monfort Bat Cave was accorded a World Record status as the largest colony of fruit bats in the world by the Guinness World Records.That's how famous he is!

2. He's Damn Wealthy

Did you ever wonder where he got all the bucks to avail a super techy headquarters? His fabulous but useless cape, techy gadgets and his armed batmobile? Man..you know nothing of him until I'll tell you that his a billion dollar bat because he shits money.Yeah, like he almost literally shits it out!

In fact it's the secrete weapon I was referring to earlier - his crap! Did you know that about 60lbs of Guano (a bat's crap) costs around 300 US Dollars? Well, it was even pricey not so long time ago but guano fertilizers makes money not just as fertilizers but as an ingredient to make gunpowders.Guano, is rich in the nutrients all plants need that includes nitrogen, phosphorous and other elements.If you can still remember his 1995 movie "Batman Forever", he has this gadget called the "Goo gun".This gun fires a sticky, adhesive substance that gunks up his enemies and disable them.And he revealed to me that it's purely made of guano mixed with a secret ingredient that makes it blue. :p

1. He Stinks

He lives in a Batcave full of guano, he rarely gets wet, he makes money out of his shit - don't you think he just smells like guano? He stinks! But then, he's just too awesome for a stinky superhero and that's what makes him even great.

It was at Monfort Bat Cave, Barangay Tambo, Island Garden City of Samal where I finally met Batman.To know more about Monfort Bat Cave, please visit their website -> Monfort Bat Cave.There are actually lots of Batman from around the world, protecting, nurturing and balancing the ecosystem. :)

P.S: Just so you know, I'm not really a Batman fan! Not until now. Haha.
Batman is indeed just a representative of all the bats on this post.

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  1. superb! kaw na jud mark! i like it! the concept the photos. labi na tong photo #3. more more! :D

  2. Wow, nicely done Batboy!!!
    More, more, more. . . .

  3. NICE GRAPHICS, mark! I RECALL! Miss the jumpshot group! Hope we can do it all over again! Next stop: MATI! :)

    1. THanks Juy!! :D
      Yeah, miss our group. .can't wait for our Mati trip!