Tagum City Tour 2011!

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While at the City of the Palms last February 19, 2011, the Davao Bloggers got the chance to tour around and take pictures of Tagum's hidden wonders. It was actually a wee out of plan but Thanks to Kuya Edwin for allowing us to take one of his vehicles (lol) and had our very own tour around Tagum. We were supervised by the Tagum blogger turned tour guide Kuya Leo who shared facts and trivia's about the purpose and existence of the place we came to visit.

The first stop was the Tagum Public Cemetery.Sounds like a weather-beaten cemetery huh?(Just like most public cemeteries in the country - especially back in Davao).But that was before! Tagum Public Cemetery, known to be an antiquated cemetery is now being renovated with memorial park standards. The government officials actually implemented the cemetery with apartment type tombs and made sure that the departed were rearranged in alphabetical order. You couldn't even say it's a cemetery if it is not because of the tombs because the place looked more like a park.As one blogger said, it's definitely a nice place to rest!! ^_^ (in peace!)

The next stop was at the Christ the King Church, it is said to be the biggest Catholic Cathedral in Mindanao.It was so big, it can allocate a lot of devotees.Definitely, a great place to reflect, ponder and pray.In fact, after receiving a text message from my Mom about that my childhood friend is dying in the hospital - I took the chance to offer her my prayers on that very sacred place and I felt hope coming for her recovery.

Also located on the place is the World's BIGGEST wooden rosary as recognized by the Guinness World Records committee.It was made out of iron wood and made me drop my jaw in amazement.I got also awestruck by the Giant Jesus Christ statue standing a few feet away from the rosary.

Right after that, we never really had the chance to stop by at any other place since we didn't have much time then. It was actually a quick tour since the vehicle will be used again for official purposes. But along the way, we came to pass by establishments like Tagum's public market, their transport terminal, the downtown area, the so acclaimed night market (we saw by daylight), the old City Hall but most importantly the place that have gathered us all.If you've guessed it right, yes - I'm talking about the new city hall of Tagum City.

The new city hall is certainly something, all Tagumeños must be proud of.Boasting with a futuristic architecture, I find the new city hall a grand place for putting up international events and that's precisely why they held the 3rd International Rondalla Festival there.

It was indeed a fun experience to tour around Tagum even under time pressure! And to cap this off, I'm really impressed on how they were able to egress Tagum despite lacking natural wonders - and I, alongside the Davao Bloggers are humbled and grateful to be part of Tagum's progress.


In the evening, we went to a "secret" place to eat our dinner. Watch out for it, I'm going to spill one big secret!

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