Celebrating John Lloyd Cruz's 5 Years with Biogesic!

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This post is about Biogesic and the picture above doesn't seem to have any relation with Biogesic - or perhaps there is! Just see you at the end of the post.So please read! Haha.

Being raised by parents of simple living, I always make sure to prevent myself from any hospitalizations. What is, when I was still a kid they tell me crazy stories about the hospital which is of course to keep away from both emotional (but most of the time), financial burdens. As a result whenever I feel unease they bring me first to a quack doctor. (In fairness, effective naman ang prescriptions ng mga herbal doctors!) :D

Well, I really get their point; I know they just want me to stay safe and sound at a cheaper price of medication. (LOL) But that was before; the times were there isn’t any known over-the-counter meds for kids.

Today, I still make sure that I’m safe and sound. This isn’t just because I’m as practical as my parents but because I don’t want to get ill, or worse, die. But then, we cannot always assure our safety when it comes to diseases and unforeseen unfortunate events.

But when it comes to illnesses, it’s either my vitamins or any remedy could help me go through with it. I have been very sickly these past few days and my mom would always have to argue to me about that I need a lifestyle change. For a person who is up online from dusk to dawn I also felt the urge to change my daily mundane - my lifestyle. I’ve been staying up late at night up to morning just to update my websites and fix deals with my number 1 source of headache – Google.

But if I couldn’t change the way things are as of the moment then that’s the time I’ll rely on the relieving power of over-the-counter meds.

Biogesic is the leading brand of Paracetamol in the Philippines.

I’ve always heard of this brand since I was a kid. However, I’m not quite sure if I’ve had taken it then because this otc drug may not be suitable for kids before, the suspension formula hasn’t been out yet or maybe because I’ve taken a lot of medicines(lol) that it’s almost impossible to recall the names. But one possibility is that the tablet my parents cuts into half when I was still a kid was Biogesic.

Now, with my chancy lifestyle, like John Lloyd Cruz during the “Biogesic and John Lloyd's 5 Ingat Years!” press conference – I could say that Yes! I’m a certified “user” of Biogesic. To note that I’ve been hearing this (and probably have been using it) for years would in fact prove that Biogesic is effective. And I know, it’s not just me – you can ask every single Filipino in the country and they would most likely answer you what biogesic is for.

Like Ate Tessa, I am also very happy to say that I was able to attend the "Biogesic and John Lloyd's 5 Ingat Years!" celebration together with other selected Davao Bloggers during the day's afternoon. The press conference was held at Polo Bistro inside Marco Polo Hotel while the fans-day event took place in NCCC Mall.

(OT - @Ate Tessa: It’s my first time in Marco Polo too! hehe)

The media, members of the press, group representatives (NCCC, Unilab, Rose Pharmacy, HB1, MDC..etc) and the Davao bloggers were present during the press conference. From there, we had the chance to meet John Lloyd Cruz in person and asked him a couple of questions about his linkage with Biogesic, his celebrity side and at some point (a few others have asked some about) his personal life. John Lloyd was asked about why he uses Biogesic and he said that it goes with his lifestyle as an actor. He takes Biogesic as soon as he feels a headache is coming on. He has to do something about it because even simple headaches can distract him from doing his best. Then right after the Q&A, John Lloyd leaded a raffle together with the emcee Bb. Pilipinas-International 2007 Nadia Lee Shami where all the Davao Bloggers won Imortal posters and the exclusive Imortal-Biogesic tumblers. Congrats!

After the press conference, an Abs-cbn van was waiting outside and gave us a ride to the event area in NCCC Mall where we celebrated more of John Lloyd’s 5 Ingat years. Local Davao-based artists (Mag TV Na Sadya Ta! stars) accompanied John Lloyd on the run of the program filled with dance numbers, raffle, games but most importantly picture taking with John Lloyd Cruz! Haha.

The event ended around 6 and when I arrived home I felt a headache coming. It’s quite funny because the event has caused me to develop a headache in the end, even so it has also provided me the safest and most effective way to relieve the pain – Biogesic. And boy, I never noticed it before but it’s a fast-relief I tell you.

For those who might be asking about the side effects of Biogesic, well it's safe to say that every med has contraindications but if your doctor has prescribed this medication, remember that he or she has judged that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects. ^_^

I want to say thank you to the lead organizers (Abs-cbn), the sponsors and the staffs for sharing the opportunity to the Davao Bloggers and thank you Biogesic for not only bringing JLC in Davao but also for relieving everyone’s headache.

Just like how the “Ingat” tagline propelled the Filipino people upon turning to Biogesic as the safer alternative to other pain relievers – let me, and John Lloyd Cruz say it together. . .

*mag ad-lib ba?

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  1. hehe. as always. very well said... with matching cartoon graphics. really like it mark on how you post entries kay lively ^___^

    btw, thank you for mentioning me on you blog ^__^ Really appreciate it. Till next event.

    Unta ui makaapil ko sa firefox na event. huhu.

  2. @Tessa: Thanks. I love your entry too.

    I would love to attend the firefox event however, by invite lang kasi yun. So we better wait for invitations from the organizers kung may slots pa. I don't know how tech events like that goes but I heard it was fun and they've had it before.hehe

  3. hahahaha.... sayang wasn't able to go there..

  4. @Kuya faust: Kaya nga eh...sayang. Hayaan mo next time, gamot naman sa puso - for sure, kasama ka na!

  5. Hahaha. The duck was the entry's punchline. Coooool.

    I've never been admitted to a hospital before except for the day that I was born. I Never experienced being infused with IV lines or whatsoever. Ironic nga e 'cos I took up nursing this college. Loooool.

    If I am the owner of the Biogesic brand, I'll get you as my endorser. Hahaha.

    PS. Events blogger ka na din? Wow.

  6. @Poot:

    Poot meet Doctor Quack - the quack doctor.lol

    IV Lines? Never heard of that. Well, I was admitted on the hospital when I was born, at 3 mons old I've had bronchopneumonia and when I was in grade 2 I went through appendicectomy.

    So medyo weak yung immune system ko, up to now.

    Endorser ka jan!

    May niche bang "events" sa blogging? haha. Hindi naman siguro, pero markable.me even though may travel and at times tech - will remain under the personal category. ^_^

  7. Nice post Mark! I have fun talaga... :)

  8. wow! i lilike the new layout! :D Astig!

  9. papa john lloyd! tsk tsk tsk. sayang wala ako nito :(