Programming Competition

3:15 AM

If you notice, my updates here on have been on a weekly schedule.I wanted to round up the events that happened to me for the week but I think it's still not too late to start daily blogging all over again.I've been busy at school for almost a month now.Guess what!?

Two consecutive weeks of all School-Home mundane.No extra everything. . I do stop by Facebook and update my other blogs however but I just didn't have the time nor the inclination to blog about what had just happened for the day.Things went so fast-paced that I couldn't really document them here.If only this was a photoblog so I would only have to upload every details of my life through pictures.Nevertheless, here's the highlight of the week!

Programming Competition it is! 

To be honest, I'm not really good in programming.This may give you an idea that I have something to brag about like winning in a programming contest but to tell you the truth - I don't.However, the experience was so welcoming that I'm now eager to study and explore more about programming.For 3 hours, few chosen Cprogramming students were given 8 laboratory programming problems to solve.Its my first time to enter such competition. . I studied though, in fact I flunked my Philosophy subject to focus for the competition.But mental pressure ruled over my head amidst the contest.

It's when you look around and observe how hard or easy it is for your opponents to solve the problems.You look around and see your classmates from outside cheering and your teacher (who happens to be one of the facilitators) looking at you like "Rawr -Do it! or I will eat you".

I most definitely did do it - did all I could and did it with all my best.But there goes the never dying saying we always seem to associate failures with "But my best just wasn't good enough".Well, better luck next time if there happens to be one. . I hope.For I shall study hard and seek for revenge galore! lol. I was still happy though for we were chosen contestants and that I received a certificate in consolation.woot!

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  1. Ahahahaha...understandable....pressure btw au 2....ahehehehe....

  2. C Programming? #stdio.h# #.cpp nosebleed :D

  3. @Faust: LOL. C Programming nga..ulit. :)
    Talagang mahirap lang ang mga problems.especially dun sa binigay nilang 3 types of triangles program in asterisk figure. haha!

  4. Grabe naranasan ko narin yan, ano ba course mo?

  5. I have also participated in a programming competition before (ACM-ICPC Asia Regionals) and it really takes a lot of training kasi tough talaga ang competition. It took us months of training, yet kulang pa rin.

    Here's a blog post of my experience back then:

  6. @Mikko: Wahhh.Magaling ka, pang regionals ka naman eh. hehe -_-