"No! No! No!" Junior

9:48 AM

I arrived home around 5 pm today.Tired, I simply dumped myself into the bed, embraced a pillow and quite so suddenly fell asleep.The next thing I know, I was shaken in bed with a voice saying "Mark! Wake up! Wake up! Junior was brought to the hospital".I said, WHATTT?? I panicked, went downstairs and saw my teary-eyed Grandma saying "Junior's at the Hospital".

"Why? How? Around What Time?,....Where?", I simultaneously asked.

My Grandma was so nervous then, she couldn't even tell me what happened.She just said the child went shaking and then everyone panicked and rushed Junior to the hospital.Even before that, my baby brother (1 year and 11 mons old) was sick for two days now.Last night, my Mom said he got a high fever.Today, before I went to school he seemed fine - the fever was gone but I noticed a sudden change on his mood.He's been crying most of the time . .  just about everything would irritate him and make him cry.And when you try to convince him to stop crying, lull him by telling him you will go there, you will get this and that for him - he will just repeatedly say "No! No! No!" while shaking his head in disagreement and cry.And if you insists he will slap your face - believe me! Nananampal ang kapatid ko.Masakit!  Kaya talagang mahirap kumbinsihin or otherwise PAKKK! Also he lost appetite and have only eaten a few times since yesterday.

Kahapon, he's been vomiting especially minutes after eating or drinking his milk.That's why my Mom took  him to the doctor for Check up.

Yesterday, Mom took him to the Doctor for check up but the Doctor wasn't around.So, early this morning, bumalik sila sa doctor upang magpa-check up.Finally, the Doctor is IN! He has no fever! He sounds good! He's not mad at the world anymore. . .he even follows what the doctor says like opening the mouth, turning around and all that.

But this evening, around 7 o'clock..nangyari ang di inaasahan..

Pinaghalong takot, lungkot at kaba ang naramdaman ko sa mga sandaling iyon.It was as if, binuhusan ako ng malamig na tubig.Worried, I hailed for a trike and started praying while I was on my way to the hospital.I don't know where they went. . .but since we are financially "walang wala" - I thought of going to a public hospital (DMC: Davao Medical Center); But if they took him there it's like 45 minutes away - So I went to the nearest hospital to check..DMSF (Davao Medical School Foundation) and just as I thought.I saw my sister crying. . I was about to cry but I hold back.

I felt nostalgic about the scene I'm actually going into.Doctors, Nurses, stethoscopes, injections, people looking hell worried on the benches, the disinfectant smell of the hospital. . .all indicating nothing but that of what we usually see in the television.The scene when everything is in slow motion. . just like a scene in the tv when someone is hurriedly taken into the ER.

I was running on my way to the Emergency Room. . just as I entered, I caught the guard's attention and I know he's going to follow.I hurriedly looked for my brother...then I saw my Dad, my Mom, a Doctor and finally my brother.I asked my Dad, what happened he just shrugged and told me he was going to go out.Tears were running down my face, My Mom looked very exhausted. .very worried.On my place, I couldn't really see how my brother looked.So I went closer, the Doctor was about to inject him (probably to attach the dextrose or whatever) So I just took a hurried glance since I dread injections.To my surprise, he was awake, now conscious and started crying.The doctor tried to hold his hand but he slapped it with his other hand.Pakk! and then muttered "No! No! No! NO!".The Doctor said something. . and another pakk!

I'm close into bursting in laughter than tears.It made me smile and I was finally relieved.And the guard came. . ang walang hiyang echosero sinundan pa talaga ako! He was about to say something while holding my shoulder. . and I knew what he's about to say kaya inunahan ko na ng aksyon at ako'y lumabas (sabay tingin sa kanya na nagmukhang tanga) His hand still raised as if may hawak syang balikat.Hahaha!

Outside, I found out that my sister was clueless about how Junior was because, like me, she was asked to get out of the ER.And that's why she kept on crying..So we went to the lobby and talked.I asked her what happened. . and everything sounded like a scene from a teleserye.

Junior was crying inside the house when my Uncle have decided to carry him outside to see the cars, the sky and whatever that would calm him down.My sister followed.Moments later, they noticed he stopped crying. . my sister took a closer look at him, went near him and noticed that he's shaking and that his hands were closed, eyes rolling back in head.My sister immediately ran inside the house to report it to our parents.My Granda noticed and took Jr. from my uncle. .she was screaming now..and everyone was actually watching them.My Mom carried Junior..hailed taxi's, cars, even tricycles but no one would stop.She ran in the center of the road, crying asking for help and a car stopped just right in front of her.She immediately asked the driver to take them into the nearest hospital.Sa sobrang takot at kaba, hindi na rin namukhaan ni Mama ang driver or tinanong man lang ang pangalan nya.They were also accompanied by my Dad and my sister who were seated at the back.And that's how they got into the hospital.Ang drama no? Oh..well..I never thought it would be like that kasi nga sa mga panahong iyon - tulog ako! At inis na inis ako sa sarili ko.

While writing this, Junior seemed to be fine.Admitted in the hospital, sleeping as of the moment.We are yet to find out the test results and I'm worried of what could have caused the seizure.I'm also worried about the hospital bill. . parehong walang trabaho ang parents ko.I asked my mom, "Ma, private to..mahal dito paano na yan?".

"Bahala ng mabaon tayo sa utang." she replied.

My heart got broken because I couldn't do anything.Some of you probably knows that I'm an adsenser but two days ago I told my Mom - I don't have payout this month.It's actually a lie because I'd still be able to cash out this month. . but not that large as compared to my previous payouts.This is because my ads are disabled again by Google.

I lied for of two reasons: First I wanted to surprise her by the time I will be able to cash out; Second, I didn't want her to worry about "how much is the possible budget" for "2nd Birthday celebration as well as 1st baptismal of Junior by 13th of March".This is because I'm still seeking ways to reach to her expected amount or at least just enough to make the plan push through.

But now, the celebration is hampered by this trying experience as well as I know that we will use my all of my earnings for the pricey hospital bill.So I doubt kung may celebration pa ba and all.Ang hirap. . .ang hirap, hirap.Masakit, napakasakit. . .I'm asking for you prayers and I honestly need help.I love my brother!

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  1. don't worry about that mark i k now there's a way for these trials and tribulations..