Life Behind the Camera!

10:15 AM

I've always been curious and envious about how stars and other public figures live their lives.Shooting here! Shooting there! Buy this and buy that, Pay for this and that! Memorize this and pakk!

Today, I learned that it wasn't really easy to become a star.The spotlight is yours, at any place and at any time.I may not be able to speak for the celebrities working on real studios and such but then doing a film project wasn't as easy as doing funny faces on a mirror by yourself.(I do that a lot though)

Tasked by our not-so-demanding Literature teacher to do a music video for any of the stories we have discussed on class.We went to different locations to shoot the music video about "Child Laborers".The concept was taken from the documentary "Minsan Lang Sila Bata" and in a way also from "The Children of the City".Our first option was actually "The Emperor's New Clothes" but then we couldn't find a good song that is somehow relevant to the story.I considered "I'm Too Hot" by Fred but my group mates wasn't fascinated by the ridiculously awkward scenes shown in the video.Ha-ha!

Most of us are camera shy, well at least I've managed not to be one in my would've wanted to just hire kids on the public market to become the stars of the music video since it'll be all about them( children).But our not-so-demanding teacher wanted us to appear (most of the time) in the video.And yes! we are in the public market not only because there may be lots of child laborer inside but our teacher have limited the places we should go to for the shoot.In fact there are only 4, (School, Public Market(which is just next to our school), Cemetery(a trike away from school) and in 2 of the most secured place in Davao San Pedro Church and People's Park).While it is obvious that she is well, concerned about our safety (which is quite touching to note).Char! The music video could have gone better if we went on locations which would add a more "dramatic" feel on our vid.

But anyway, while shooting. . .I've learned that it is hard to be a star.Ang hirap maging artista! For beginners like we are, one would have to gulp down his/her pride, shyness and even image - to create another image that would make the project great.

It's hard because we have to search for location.

It's hard because we do not have much time.

It's hard because we haven't plotted everything.

It's hard because along the way we have to conceptualize a scene.

It's hard because the sun cursed us with its scorching heat.

It's hard because it take quite some courage to ask people to do a cameo and all that.

It's hard because we do not have all the equipments.In fact we only have a mobile cam and our talents to give.

It's hard because we are mentally pressured by what our not-so-demanding teacher have told us last meeting "I do not want to see mediocre works"!

Basta it's hard! Not soft.Life is just hard behind the camera. . . how much more, in real life?

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    I also dream of shooting my own documentary/music video/movie. Gusto ko nga sanag gawing topic sa thesis yung mga street children. Fan na fan ako ng I-Witness.

    HAHAHA. Ano daw? Sorry naman, magulo talaga ako.

  2. Not sure if my comment got through... nagerror ang akong browser.

    Anyway, I really like your blog. It's beautiful Mark. Galeng. Like the design and entries ^__^

    I want to be an actress too... pero magpuyo na lang ko ui. haha. Just enjoy the moment and don't mind your teacher... just focus on the solution itself. I think your group will pull a great job. You're creative. You'll find a way. :)

  3. Hello Mark...your blog is a beauty..hehe... life is really hard... the only thing we can do is accept it. Acceptance makes it not that hard anyhow.

  4. @poot: Go lang..try mong magshoot
    documentary/music video/movie ano ba talaga? :))

  5. @Ate Tessa: Hello ate tessa! Thank you ng marami sa pagvisit dito..and finding time on reading some of my entries.haha! It was nice meeting you.

    At oo, natapos na namin ang mtv..i -prepresent bukas. :)

  6. @Sunny Day: Hello ate sundy! talaga?
    haha =)), anyway I agree with you. ;)

  7. mark, will you upload the mtv? upload it :D hehe. para we'll see you in action :D nagrequest ano? :D

  8. @Ate Tessa: I!
    Dito ko nalang i-post.update ko lang sa taas.hehe. :)