Markable Goes to Tagum!

5:06 PM

After all the stress I've got from looking after my baby brother on the hospital.I'm off for another stressful yet a sweet escape; an hour away from Davao City.My bro had been discharged from the hospital anyway.Just so you know, he was confined two days ago due to pneumonia but he's fine now.

So I went to Tagum City under the Davao Bloggers group to behold the magnificent 3rd International Rondalla and 10th Musikahan Festival and to wander around the new found wonders inside the so acclaimed City of the Palms.Kudos to the City Information Office (CIO) spearheaded by City Information Officer III Edwin B. Lasquite who toured us around the famous landmarks of Tagum.

3rd International Rondalla Festival

We arrived Tagum City just before the above mentioned event ended.Yikes! We went off late though. But still, we were able to hear the melodious sound coming from the pluck string instruments of the delegates. From our local Rondalla groups to the international contingents - just everything they played through various string instruments are heaven to the ears.All making a world class symphony that will surely lift up your hearts and captivate your ears.

After the closing ceremony we went to the food stalls just beside the new city hall to eat our dinner.Camwhored a bit and prepared ourselves for another event.The Musikahan Festival!

Yeah.We certainly can do both! (Camwhoring while taking our dinner).

10th Musikahan Festival

Perhaps the highly anticipated event of the night.Musikahan Festival, started with just plain dancing but later on I noticed that it wasn't just a dance number. . .they're now telling a story.Singing. .dancing..acting..a musical play in other words.It was entertaining even though the first stage play lasted for an hour and a half.The second Barangay to present brought home the bacon though! The first act taught us about how love between Christians and Muslims.The second dealt more about justice, curses and myths.It was funny (especially the goat) and party creepy because of the superb performances of the so acclaimed "aswangs" in the story.The 3rd one, I couldn't really remember! Hahaha.

My first night in Tagum City was pretty welcoming.It was a fun night to be exact.

Special thanks to Olan Emboscado and Tagum PIO Edwin Lasquite

This only proves that Tagum City boasts nothing but "FUN", for everybody - in a major way!
Celebrating 14 festivals in a year - I shall return to Tagum City.

P.S: Watch out for my second day in the City of Palms!

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  1. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Tagum City

  2. Wow! I SUPER LOVE IT Mark!
    Super nice... :-)
    I salute you Mark.
    Nice graphics,caption,and post. :-)
    You are super talented.. :-)

  3. @Kuya Faust: Super enjoy! Like you..i wanna go back there!

  4. @Ate Angie: Thanks! Finally na post ko na! malapit na kasing mag one week.yan lang nakaya kong i post.alam mo naman gahot masyado si ate Leah - namawi lang ko sa graphics beyeet! =))

    However, I believe my second post is a lot funner! wait for it. ;)

  5. GALING! Very well sadi Mark. :) Tagum City indeed is the next City ofr watch for. They are able to stage an international event and surely they can conquer the world! KUDOS Tagumeños!

  6. @Kuya Olan: Thank you. :)

    Yes, through the initiative of their new city mayor and with the support of the Tagumeños they were able to make Tagum City. . .come on the scene of International standards in staging events.

  7. @Richard: Sayanga uie..wala man gud ka niapas! bugbug ka na naman sa trabaho.

  8. mark ang ganda ng concept mo dito sa site mo.. astig! galing.. magandang umaga po

  9. We had a super enjoyment!!! somebody grabbed and pulled my hair.. lols... masaket na enjoy ako- thats a carino brutal effect..

  10. @CSSeyah: Thank you. ;;)
    magandang umaga din.

  11. @Kuya Faust: It looks like it was me who grabbed your hair on the pic.But really it was ate leah! woooohoooo! Want more of our carino brutal? Haha. :p