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Gone are the days were teenagers doesn’t care much about their looks, especially boys. To just simply wear a good t-shirt and jeans are something we all now consider to as “baduy” and all that. But if you look good and on a good shape, nobody would even notice you’re wearing a pang-kanto look.
More often than not, people will get caught by your presence. This is when one’s confidence and self-esteem boosts up.
I've experienced being degraded because of my shape way back in High School and of course, on how I looked. Frustrated by my being so insecure, I opted to isolate myself from the critical eyes of people. I was really fat then, they call me names that indicated nothing but “pig”. Summer came, after recovering from a sickness which also caused me to lose some pounds., I was determined get a new body. LOL. Getting a new shape I mean. Ha-ha! A slimmer and healthy!

I jog every weekend, I walk around our village in the afternoon, I eat less (sometimes no rice at all) and all of a sudden everything seemed to pay off. When I entered college, I got the shape that I wanted. But college required a lot of effort (both mental and physical) that instead of having a healthy looking body – I got thin. As in super thin! Mr. Lampayatot they chided me then. (Don’t worry I’ve gained now! lol)

Based on what I’ve experienced, getting a new shape was really hard. I was so desperate then that I wished of having myself undergone liposuction. Haha. Of course, I cannot afford that but even if I did so; the thought that it’s a type of surgery is really dreadful. I hate getting injections by the way!

While typing this, I’m currently at the mini concert of Geneva Cruz here in Davao City. She’s here as the endorser/model of Bioessence. To give you a little background about the Bioessence. Bioessence Gold is a beauty and wellness spa chain which originated here in Davao. It has around 28 branches nationwide and has been serving health and beauty conscious individuals for around 15 years now. They are also known for manufacturing beauty products like anti-ageing soaps, whitening soap, slimming products, essential oils, food supplement and other complimentary items.

Anyway, the Davao Bloggers were present earlier in the press conference of the launching of Bioessence Gold's newest slimming procedure.

With technological advancements around this time,and to extend their market to lazybones like me, they have come up with something that would make them in the forefront of technological innovation among any other beauty and wellness centre.

Today, they introduced two new effective ways of losing weight and reshaping one’s body. The first one, called “EasyFit” is actually a big leap on merging fitness with their forte beauty and wellness. Indeed! You would be soon seeing people standing on treadmill-like-machines which they call “EasyFit” machines. And yes, you would only have to stand there because when the machine is switched on it will just cause you to shake as if you’re riding on a rock drill for 15 minutes (per session). And the result would be just the same as running on a treadmill for 2 hours. Less effort, save energy! Same result. That’s why it’s really good for lazy people like you and me!

The second service they introduced was called the “LipoCav”. Summer is getting near and this new slimming treatment is really best so that you can go out confidently to the beach. Now what is Lipo Cav?

LipoCAV or Lipocavitation It is a non invasive slimming program which reduces, and shapes your body with instantly visible results. Lipo Cav is a draining process of the spaces between the fat cells stimulating its breakage and restoring correct metabolic conditions. It melts and secretes the fat through natural processes.
What’s so good about LipoCav is that it doesn’t involve surgery so therefore it’s a painless treatment!

The Davao Bloggers were given the chance to try the EasyFit while the LipoCav treatment was just visually introduced to us because it requires a lot of process (and may need Doctor's prescription to some). And I of course, have tried it. Designed and conceptualized by Bioessence, the Easyfit machine has this user-friendly control panel wherein you can take control of the speed. Once you step into the machine it feels as if your entire body is shaking although the truth is the effect goes directly into your body giving you soothing feeling.

It's enjoyable since, like what I've said it also feels as if you're riding on a rock drill. However, it will make you feel "bitin" in the end since the recommended time of using Easyfit is 15 minutes (and that's per session). Nonetheless, they will be designating fitness instructors as well as add other simple machines so you can make most of your time(and money) in the center.

In the end of the press conference the treatment has been proven effective and safe not only because they’re clients patronize it but primarily because they believe that beauty and wellness, and now even fitness comes out the natural way! The bioessence way.

Thank you Bioessence for the GC's you handed to the press yesterday! Imma goin to give the other one to my Dad. ^_^ And I'm going back for my facial.

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  1. Agrees with Mr. Faust :)

    Really like your post Mark.

    Tinuod na tambok ka dati? hehehe. Di ko katuo. You're way too slim :D

  2. awwww :) you are healthy and that's what you should strive to be :)
    great post mark. it is good to read a post that has actually something written on it :) keep up the good work :)

  3. @Faust: Thank you! ;;) Woot. panalo. . winner din post mo! :p

  4. @Ate Tessa: Oo naman! mataba ako dati..super!haha :D

  5. @Ate Leah(13thWitch): Thanks. . Charot! My lifestyle isn't as healthy as before. Blogging requires a lot of time and quite some effort. :)

  6. Grabe ang galing mo talaga MArk.salute ko sa imong mga post bah.
    Dili maka bored Mark.... :)
    Madugo ang ginabuhat nimong graphics... :)
    Keep on blogging Mark... :)

  7. lo! mark, ds s rise faith hoybia of bioessence. Thank you so much for this wonderful and fabulous blog that you`ve given to Bioessence...Your presence were highly appreciated during the presscon and event.Nice blog...
    We love it so muchhh... We`re so excited to read your next blog about Bioessence....Keep it up! More power!
    Many many thanks...