Snow in the Philippines

7:06 PM

The cold is causing me to daydream!
Is it possible to Snow in the Philippines? I've got this question in mind since I was a kid.(Who doesn't?)Will it ever snow here in the Philippines.You know? Those kind of questions.But later I found out that it never will.But still, I keep on daydreaming that it will snow here somehow.Obviously, I've never experienced snow my whole life.Not until I'll go abroad someday, somehow, I hope.But then something's telling me that it just have to snow here in the Philippines.For it to happen here in the Philippines is totally different than experiencing it abroad.It's a phenomenon, it's amazing and perhaps that most magical thing that will happen so far!

Now what have I found out that it will never ever snow here in the Philippines? This is actually because Geography (although I wasn't enrolled in that goddamn subject) has taught me that it will never snow in the tropics.Philippines is located in the tropics so it will never snow, as simple as that.But in case you want a scientific explanation of why it won't snow here in the Philippines then try consulting Google or Yahoo Answers.

Has it ever snowed in the Philippines?

Yes and No!

  • By the word of mouth "Yes".There happened to be incidents wherein snow for a short span of time(perhaps minutes) was experienced in the highest point of the Philippines.But where is that? It is here right in Mindanao (Mt. Apo to be precise - the tallest mountain in the Philippines).I have been told that some mountaineers experience snow when they reached the peak of Mt. Apo.It was when the temperature here in Davao went down around 17-20*C(this is not the temperature in Mt. Apo could have gone down to zero).My gradeschool teacher also told us that it snowed on their place in Marilog, Davao City (It's somewhere around a place called the Baguio District of Davao City).
  • But how about Baguio? Has it snowed in Baguio? Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines ironically because of its cold weather.Well it never snowed in Baguio but there are reports that there happened to be hail storms years ago.Recent news reports says that hail storm was recorded somewhere in the high lands of Benguet.There are ice on the water containers stored outside the houses, the grasses, vegetables, even flowers are covered with ice and it's making the crops wither and die!
  • Why? No - because let me state for the record that there was no official report that it snowed here in the Philippines.No video proof that it snowed (well proof out of images may subject to suspicion since Photoshop exists nowadays).

Now, will it ever snow in the Philippines in the future?

While it is impossible by this point of time for that to happen.Some theories may lead to that possibility in the future.Like the weather is changing from time to time and Global warming is still on effect.This may happen if ever there's going to be another continental shift or if the axis of the Earth tilts a bit.Probably, Yes! But then "Yes" could sound horrible by that point of time.

The Consequences!

Behind all of this selfish daydreaming of mine (and you in your mind!); We've got is the cruel reality that if ever it will snow here in the Philippines.Just thinking of the worst case scenario - there will be lives lost because of that.People will die (especially the poor and those who lives in the streets), crops will die just like what I've mentioned above and we will have a hard time coping up with the weather since a snowy one is not suited for our nature.So let's just accept the truth that it will never snow in the Philippines and hope that it never

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  1. YOu honestly wouldn't want it to snow... I mean, seriously... Snow is a person who has never lived in a place with snow 's dream.... and honestly, once you have snow, you will either say, "meeeh" or "I effn hate this snow"....

    Plus, scientifically speaking it can NEVER snow if the environment's temperature is above zero... and it has to stay below zero for at least more than 48hours for snow to happen... and also, there also has to be precipitation....

    possibilities of snow above zero degrees is also possible (and can only happen between 0-5 degrees), but it will never stay on the ground as "snow" but rather it will liquefy upon contact to anything solid.... that's why snow can never happen in the Philippines, and possible accounted occurring might have just been mistaken to be snow, although it is not. SNow, can never happen if the environment is more than 10 degrees.... seriously....

    once you've lived in a place where snow happens, you'll understand why and how snow happens, and why you should really not like it at all.... almost every one doesn't like it.... ask anyone who has lived in a place where snow happens (like me) and has lived there for over a year, and I bet they'll tell you snow is only nice the first time you see it, but eventually you'll hate it when it's there...

    1. just snowed in the southern part of the philippines the other day , 3 hours

  2. Well I lived in cavite and one of the months of 2010 i remember i saw a ice in the ground that came with the rain.(it's like a crushed ice that is used for halo-halo but it is scattered and it only last for several minutes

  3. i would agree with the first comment. you wouldn't want snow. it makes ur skin dry. and makes ur lips dry and snow is just awful :(

  4. i think it will happen someday--this would probably happen in the Northern tip of the Philippines (small islands) near Taiwan. Taiwan has snow and it is quite near the Northernmost islands of the Philippines..most likely that in the future there could be a possibility, even for a few minutes, who knows.

  5. yeah right!!!!though i want to experience having snow....i am still very thankful about the climate here in our beloved country!!!!

  6. i love snow! i wish it snows all year round. snow is so beautiful specially during christmas holidays. seeing kids wearing scarves with multi colored snow jackets having fun and ice skating in a frozen river or sliding on a snow slopes with snow boards and skis is so much fun! im always looking forward to snow everyday. im lucky to live in canada because it's the snow capital in this whole wide world! and that's probably the reason why santa claus chooses canadas north pole as his official address :)

  7. Trust me you wouldn't want snow... I live in Lebanon (yes in the middle east) and this year we got the after effects of the European storm D:

    On the coast we experienced a lot of sleet and on the mountains temperatures dipped down to -27 (1 mountain which is 3k meters high experienced -60 W00T).
    There was more than 10 meters of accumulated snow all together this year and cities above 300 meters where screwed due to the snow. This is chaotic since 97% of Lebanon is above 1000 meters... So basically just be happy for your wonderful weather!

  8. To the first commenter:
    You probably hate a hot weather more that a cold weather. I'm pretty sure you will hate it more that you hate snow. Why? Because hot weather makes you feel sticky and sweaty all over. You will dehydrate very quickly. It's hard to sleep in a hot weather. Heat would evaporate your water supply. It also makes people very angry for no reason.

  9. JAMES, I agree w/ you :)

  10. yes i dream of snowing here in our country,only in December so that we could enjoy summer, monsoon and winter LOL.

  11. psychics predict it will snow in the Philippines in late 2014 or early 2015

  12. mark our words two American psychics predict snow in Philippines everyday in lat 2014 or early 2015

  13. Aacept it or not, there will be no snow in the Philippines. But whenever there will be, then it means our world is in total DISASTER. Snow in tropical country? That will turn out as a distater.

  14. Snow is nice but experiencing it for a regular basis might not be as fantastic as it seems. Snow spells COLD and that won't be very fun at all.

  15. Snowing in Philippines might sound very fun. But experiencing it in a regular basis might not be as fantastic as it seems.
    Like you I have a dream of seeing snow fall from the Philippine skies but only for a few minutes.
    Remember snow spells COLD and that isn't as fun as seeing them.

  16. SNOW or Cold is better than to Hot or warm place.. HIGHBLOOD, STRESS MIND, BURN HOUSES, FASTLY DECOMPOSE THE THINGS THAT CAN MAKE VIRUS SPREAD AND MAKE STINK, SWEAT TO MAKE BAD ODOR, GET FAST MAD WITHOUT REASON, CAN QUICKLY DRY UP EVERYTHING, FAST THURST, NO WATER, BODY PAIN, HEADACHE, LOW BLOOD CELL, DHYDRATED, increase bill because of aircon usage.. IT SUCKS! SKIN BURN SKIN CANCER BLACK SKIN..RASHES ALERGY,VIRUS DETECTED, DEVICES can burn because of fastly HEAT laptops tv and mobile phones. Haha RIGHT? cant sleep faster or it cant sleep. Find the coolest place to have sleep.. UNCONFORTABLE ALWAYS..ツ thats how you encounter in warmth place..