My Kitty Loves Twilight!

10:35 PM

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I was inspired by a seemingly strange but funny "thing" our cat can do! He likes watching TV.Last Monday, I got shaken on my bed by the Rawr of our cat.At first I didn't noticed where the noise was coming from.It wasn't until something actually scratched or in a way just tickled my right ear. Then the noise started to sound louder and louder and things seemed to become clearer.And just as I thought, our new cat "Kitty"(Cool name! huh? pinag-isipan is in trouble.And it was me who caused him to scream like that! Haha.I didn't meant to but yes, naipit ng ulo ko ang tail nya.

It was still early then, and two of my siblings who goes to grade school are ready to go! *What??* It's 6:30 a.m and my class is still 2 hours away.So what I did was that I turned on the TV.I switched from a channel to another and found out that there's nothing great to watch in the morning.So I went downstairs to check what's for breakfast.

Since my Dad hasn't cooked any food yet I went back upstairs. The tv was now on, I guess Junior(youngest brother 1 year old) turned it on.He's awake by that point of time and have been playing on stuffs under the table.I lumped in bed again and switched the channel to Star Movies until I chanced upon twilight. Junior came out of the table carrying "Kitty" (who was screaming in pain then).Junior carried kitty using his tail so I quickly took the poor kitty away. I went to bed again with kitty on my side. It took me quite some time to noticed but our cat, "Kitty" is actually watching TV.Twilight movie is bound to an end but then he just kept on staring on the television.So I quickly looked for my phone and captured three camera shots on the "Cat-watching-Tv".I know it's not that "strange" to think of cats watching the television because even Garfield(the cartoon) does it.LOL.But then, I stared on Kitty without him noticing and he sure did expressed some reactions as if he's really watching Twilight.

On the part were Edward was about to suck Bella's vampire-infected blood to clean it, he gave this worry expression.Then the next clip shows Alice smelling the blood Kitty went sitting and purred.Then minutes later, on the last part of the film, when Victoria showed up he suddenly went angry stretching up its legs and tail.Hahaha! Ayun, gumulong na ako sa kakatawa.

If I am dead-guilty of being a movie blogger - so does my kitty.I don't like Twilight though buy my Kitty loves Twilight!

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  1. Base. BASE? Base!

    Hahaha. Natawa ako dun sa last part. Hanep na pusa yan! Baka mabasa ito ng producers ng Twilight at i-guest si Kitty mo. Bongga yun kung ganun. XD