The Lost Pet Found His Way Home!

9:57 AM

Last Sunday, I together with my sister and my cousins and our dog "Brownie" went jogging around the park.Before we could enter the park, a man claiming to be the guard (even though he's not in uniform) told us that "No pets are allowed to enter".(In my mind: Then why are you there in the first place?)

Not even the kitten which I save from being almost ran over by a car in the middle of the road along our journey was considered.My sister kept it inside her jacket.But to no exempt the pug-like Guard said "No! Leave it outside".We hid it behind a bush outside the park now the only problem we have is Brownie.

As planned, I have decided to take Brownie somewhere else while my sister together with cousins can go and jog inside.I and Brownie went to the other side of the park and since he doesn't have any leash attached on him I don't have control on where he'll go.Suddenly, he got out of my sight.The next thing I know he was barking at me from inside the park.What the...How did ya..I don't have any ghost of notion how the hell he got inside but then I was afraid that we might get caught because he was barking loudly while jumping and running around.He was running all over the place and went to a portion where there were lots of bamboos.So I headed up to the main gate and went inside, I immediately looked for him but he wasn't there anymore.He must have gotten out again or have gone somewhere else inside the park.Although I wasn't sure of where exactly he is, I just assumed he's inside the park and then went back on jogging with my cousins.

After jogging, I knew we're going to look for him! We actually did, a few walk around the park and we lost hope.Since he's not the shy type of dog he must have followed somebody outside the park.We assumed that; it took us quite some time to come up with the idea that since Brownie could not see us he might went back home all by himself.So what we did was to trace back our steps until we reached the house.But to our dismay, he wasn't there.

Although I was really tired, my knees were even shaking I stayed awake contemplating on what I have done.Poor dog! I couldn't believe I just let our dog get lost downtown.Now my Mom's blaming me, and so I was to myself. I should have stopped him from following us before we've gone that far jogging! No matter what I say! I believe it was my fault.Damn it's my fault.And so I googled to find relief.

"Can dogs trace their way back home?"
"How do animals find their way home when lost?"
"Pets lost and found!"
"Is the dog pound team in Davao City around on Sunday?"
"How to find a lost dog inside a park?"
"Dog in the City"
"Putangina kang aso ka magpakita ka o iihawin kita!"
"Brownie, Wer na u?"

Around 8 am, I went back to the park together with my sister.It was damn so hot by then.But since I'm determined and eager to find our lost pet I .We looked all over the place, even nearby establishments but still we couldn't find him.I went back home in despair.Then I fell asleep, when I woke up in the afternoon.He still wasn't around.

Apparently, after all what I've learned from the internet that morning, I've had high hopes that he will come.Because it says that a dog can locate its home either through his memory or smell.And so I waited, patiently but I'm still worried.Then my Uncle's excitingly shouted "Uuyy, yung aso nagbalik.".Finally, Brownie has arrived.How long has it been? 8 hours? He arrived 4:13 in the afternoon (Yeah, I noted the time since I was just facing my laptop).

I don't have any idea how Brownie's journey alone was but I'd like to think it this way.

I always find this portion of Dora so does my dog! Google Map's better but my dog prefers sniffing!

This will answer how Brownie got home after getting lost in the City.He used his smelling powers!

Finally, the lost pet found his way home!

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  1. Ka-brayt nga iro uy... *clap3* buti nakabalik siya noh...

  2. @Ate Mi: Haha.lagi pud layo gud kaayo to.
    Hmm...according to my research, dogs are constantly sniffing and scenting along the way, with the help of their urine.

    While we're still on our way to the park, he kept peeing on nearly every corner of the street we'd turn into.And I believe it's dog's instinct to pee on purpose to locate their way back if ever lost. :D

    Simply said, "Lagi silang Handa!". :))

  3. hahaha. i soooo cute!!!!(edith)