Jogging is Somehow Fun!

7:59 AM

One of my goals this 2011 is to really lose weight but on the second thought I think I'm still not as "fat" as I was before.Although I don't want to have my old body back, I believe I just have to maintain the appetite I have now which actually satisfies my hunger.And to make it healthier I will eat less meat and eat more veggies, exercise daily and as much as possible jog every weekend.

So early this morning, I together with my cousins started the jogging-every-weekend project spearheaded by me.We didn't have plans of where to go.This is actually what also happened a year ago.We went out jogging because two of my girl cousins' JS Prom is coming and I always gain some pounds after the Holidays.This time, three of my girl cousins will have to attend their JS Prom next month and I, again gained some pounds after the Holidays.My sister and a younger boy cousin went with us also and Browny (our dog) also followed.

It was a cold morning for all of us.In fact all of them were wearing jackets except for me.I woke up around 4:30 a.m, and did some stretching while waiting for our other cousins to wake up.We gathered outside the house and around 4:45 we started to jog.For the first five minutes of our jogging, we were actually discussing where to go.This is because we certainly didn't want to let our feet decide where the hell to go.We've learned our lesson already from our last years jogging experience.

Minutes later we've finally decided to go to People's Park.There actually happened to be an argument to whether we should go there or not.It was because I didn't know that the Park is open at 5 a.m. to 8:00 a.m for joggers.I stand corrected by my cousins when we reached the park.Yes! It's wide open but the only gripe we have with the park is that No pets are allowed.And as what I've said Browny came with us.Because of that something really bad happened (But that's another story! ;-) )

The whole duration of our jogging went around 2 hours back and forth.And since we're actually not used to jogging; Here's how it was ( for all of us) especially for moi.

If you've seen or read my jogging post last year, I have actually provided a map so that you will have an idea of how long the journey was.Although, this time's journey went only around 2 hours.For some reasons, I did another another map.

Last Year's Map (Click Image to Enlarge)

This year's! Yes we simply traced back our steps for very important reason!
Jogging, I say is a cool way to start your day.However if you're a starter just like us don't you ever tend to jog miles and miles away! My jogging experiences are somehow fun - but I always seem to get into trouble every time! ;-)

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  1. hahahahaha.. Awesome post.. Love those cranky cartoons.. hehehehe.. New here..

  2. Hey Mark! Opposite tayo. You want to shed pounds. I want to gain weight naman. I'm toothpick thin, you know. Hahahaha.

    But I'm not malnourished. I'm anorexic. 'Pag anorexic kasi, SOSYAL. Ang "malnourished" 'pang mahirap. & mas gusto ko ang term na "anorexic" kasi mahirap i-spell. May X! Haha.

    I love the cartoons. Ang cute. Anyway, drop by my blog. :))) I'll be waiting for you there.

  3. :)) Buti ka pa.ang dali ng namang magpataba eh..kain ka lang ng kain! Way back in my high school days, ang taba taba ko kasi.When I started going to college nag lose ako ng in para na din akong toothpick.And years have passed, I noticed that there is irregularity between my gaining and losing weight.I'm not sure if it's normal nevertheless, I just wanted to be FIT! =))

  4. @Darling: Woot! Nope..nope..dili same route..kapoy kaya to.
    Hmm..this time a few jogs lang sa victoria..payts na!

  5. @Min: :)) weehh..talagang enjoy!

  6. time invite me..( edith)

  7. haahahah....(edith)

  8. @Ate Edith: Sa kabilang bahay ka lang right? o.o
    Okay then will invite you next sunday!