The Holiday Problem!

8:19 AM

Dearest Self,

I know you've been much of an asshole lately.What you do is wake up, eat, go online and sleep.That mundane will kill you! I'm telling you! You're not getting any fatter than I last saw you.But I think I cannot blame you since you would become disrespectful for not finishing your food.But what you did was more than that! You finished all the food in the table last Christmas and on New Year eve, - even last night! lol.But since it's Christmas season I don't have the right to blame you still.The Holidays made you sinful, now you're contemplating on how you look and how others look at you.And I cannot blame you if you're so desperate of losing weight because people are very censorious to others especially to you.But then don't panic, you're not the only one who's got that problem - allow me to remind you that you've also been so critical to people about their shape after the holidays.Therefore, those who had been critical to you has that problem too.

Cheer up, poor thing!  It is everybody's holiday problem! And why is this so? This is because people doesn't want to accept that they're getting fat so they tend to tell others they're fat to look thin(even if they're naturally not).Paunahan lang! ika nga. .

So, my dearest self, the next time people will tell you that you're fat just laugh at them and say "You are not alone! Denial ka pa?".The Holiday problem eh? :-)

What you can do now, if I may suggest is to be yourself.You're a foodie by heart and nobody can get that from you (Patay Gutom ka in other words).However I have to agree to the one who's reading this that you're daily routine isn't really healthy.So better burn those fats you asshole! (otherwise you'll end up just like the one in the picture above)


So? How have you been doing lately? Got Holiday problems too?

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