Happy Teachers Day 2011!

8:45 AM

Yesterday, January 27, 2011 we celebrated Teachers Day in School.Even before I reached the school gate, flowers (mostly roses) are being sold outside on students.It reminded me of my High School days (Demanding kasi minsan ang mga HS teachers.lol).

Since I got into College I never really cared about teachers day especially on my former school.Anyone who will be seen handing out anything like roses or whatever to their professors will be suspected of being "sip-sip" or whatever.I personally didn't want to give anybody anything on teacher's day back then because nobody deserves it.Haha!

But in my new school, I actually found someone who well deserves to be given something on Teacher's Day.That's why I together with two of my idiotic buddies bought a rose.Yes! Isa lang po.for the 3 of us.Kasi kuripot kami.haha!

(Tinatamad na akong mag-ingles - mali mali naman anyway!)

So, Ayun...may program kami sa hapon.Then I remembered something from my elementary days...ang pinaka-una unahang embarrassing moment ko! It was actually when I was asked to write my name on the board and I couldn't even reach the black board.I was Grade 1 then.I was really trying to reach it until my Teacher carried me up just to write "Hello! I'm Mark".First day of class on my first grade.

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  1. Interesting post for teachers day :)

    My blog quote for the day “Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three” – Confucius

    Do