My Re-MARKABLE Fieldtrip & Seminars ( First Day - Part 2)

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After 83 days I've finally decided to continue writing the most "liked" blog post here on! And it's my first ever post about My Remarkable Field Trips & Seminars Experience at Manila (First Day - Part 1).

Now let me continue. .

So I was in the airport, finally and have been impatiently waiting for the class president to come out and go near me so that I'll feel relieved.I was happy that they finally arrived Manila (most of them are first timers in the City like I do).There were around fifty to sixty or say seventy of them, and with that I assumed they made a count off inside the lobbies of NAIA Terminal 3.So I waited for another 10 minutes.Apparently that's what took them so long, they actually overstayed inside the lobby of the airport.But since I was deleriously thinking of insane probable situations of me being left out by them I freaked out and called the President to come and approach me in pronto! Haha (Peace Gelo! I hope you're reading this).

So there he was still inside the airport lobby.He told me that the rest are on their way already.So when he went outside, I greeted him "Welcome to Manila!" as if I lived there.After that we had a conversation, you know? the usual Q and A's in the Airport.How was the flight? Howdy? What took you so long? Were you petrified upon thinking the plane might fall? But what I hated about our convo is that we were talking to each other in broken tagalog and english.Argh! In my mind, can we just talk like how we used to?

Minutes later, the other students have arrived.I saw a lot of familiar faces, there were some of my classmates, my friends who also happened to be my school mates and two of our instructors.Boy, how relieved and happy am I to see them! But it kinda felt awkward since I'm not "officially" enrolled for Fieldtrips & Seminars.*Talagang ma-papel lang ako, kaya sinagad ko na hanggang buto!* lol

That actually made some of my schoolmates (based on hearsays and their facial expression) raised a brow on me.Someone even gossiped me that one of the officers didn't want me to go with the group because again and in the first place, I'm not enrolled in the subject.But many many thanks to our Dean and the faculty who took time upon thinking to whether I should be allowed to go with them or not.You made a great decision, something I will cherish forever! All of my subjects were at stake though - but then something told me that I just have to.

While I was on the goddamn taxi, I noticed three buses parked in the parking area of NAIA.And there hanged banners saying "Welcome Institute of Computing students of the University of Southeastern Philippines" - Maynilad.

The buses were already outside and so as the staffs of Maynilad Tours.When I went inside the bus I was amazed on how it looked.The Bus that I first went into was like so grand! Fully air-conditioned equipped with TV, DVD players and PA systems and even small chandeliers and driven by a courteous but most of the time silent driver.Our tourist guide was Kuya (Oops! I forgot his name).He was fun to be with and witty! He told us jokes and trivia's about Manila along the way.

First ever destination that morning was the Philippine Social Security System! (Where something embarrassingly flattering happened.)-I'll tell you about that tomorrow!

To be continued...

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  1. Ang kulit naman dito! May drawing lahat ng posts ha. Tiyaga! :D

  2. @Robbie: idol.Lol.pudpud na nga daliri ko eh..hehe :))