The 5 Seconds

12:00 AM

Yesterday, for 5 seconds I got closer to death.
That unexpected 5 seconds I wouldn't forget.
Things went so fast.
I don't know if it's my last.

It was when I was hit by a car yesterday(technically).I was walking on my way to the school from lunch.I was at the back end of a car waiting for my classmates to make up with my steps.Then suddenly the car (I thought was on park) drove backwards hitting me.Two of my classmates were just beside me, the one didn't notice but the other one screamed! When the car bumped into me for 5 seconds I was like a coin tossed into the air, it felt so light I thought I was going to die. I was able to maintain my balance however; three large steps aback and the next thing I know I was in the middle of the street.

A tricycle was fast approaching, a taxi from the other side of the road beeped and then I was back in reality.It was a horrible experience, moreover my friends says it was terrifying.I could have died! While amidst the air I thought I was gonna die.

I don't want to die just yet.I have a family to help out from poverty, I have a dream that someday I will become a published author for the novels I've been writing, I have a dream of adapting this novels into movies someday, I have people to forgive and to say sorry to, I have my studies to finish, I have lots of siblings to spoil, I have my one and only Lola who loves me for I am a lola's boy, I have parents that loves me and that cares, I have cousins that will really miss me, I have classmates and friends that might just tear, I have blogs to maintain and I have passwords to be remembered, I have adsense earnings to cash out monthly, I have blog readers to (RSS feed), I have movies to watch, I have pets to feed, I have crushes to stalk and I've got dogs to walk, I have lots of things to talk, and yes I have stalkers like you who loves to stalk, I have lots of plans in my life that I've promised to accomplish.Oh wait, I have lots of backlogs too! for me to publish.But more than these, there's something that I have yet to discover of why I don't want to die just yet (I had been in love but I never had a girlfriend!).I want to have kids, a good job,a loving wife and I want to be famous.But who am I to know when is my time and what's ahead of me?

But then I shall say Thanks be to God, for another chance in life.I want to thank that somebody I knew who told the driver from the taxi to beep, and so I was able to dodge the tricycle who's driver from  inside didn't noticed me until the last one second of his subconsciousness.He shouted! My knees were shaking as hell.My left knee was hurt and I couldn't move it.Then I tried to walk and was able to walk up to the window of the car.It was open, and a woman was inside.She was actually looking for something below the steering wheel while the engine was on.When she turned into me, to my surprise she was just a fellow student.I gave her this scornful look and said "Excuse po! Natamaan ako pag-atras mo - you could have killed me!" *walks out with friends* She tried to say sorry, I nodded in a way but then from inside I couldn't forgive her.No, not yet.

For that 5 seconds, I've realized - Life's too short.Even shorter than 5 seconds, and I'm blessed to have a second life.(Technically, this was already my 3rd life - I drowned, I nearly fell on the mountain side and here comes The 5 seconds).

(What a lucky bastard!)

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  1. hala'.. kami jud ni eduard ug mark bah'.. tsk

  2. @Kc Karla: :)) Oo.ang tagal2x nyo kasing maglakad..napalingon tuloy ako!

  3. @poot: Yes, I'm fine.hehe..
    But after that I became Motorphobic; I guess?! :-o

  4. @poot: Opo! haha.btw, thank you nga pala for dropping by. :)

  5. d mo pa time...i-remember ang gi2dlo ni mam prog sa a2...."treat tomorrow as your last day"...ahehehe....daghan au ka ug plano....pwo k lng mn pd nah kay natural lng mna....

  6. @April: Haha.lagi!
    char gi note jud niya ang gitudlo ni mam ba.haha.

  7. Makapagdamdaming experience mo.It's not your time yet.
    May purpose pa si LORD sa buhay mo. Ako nga 9lives ko na to. ^_^
    Yaw pa niya akoang kunin,kahit minsan I ask na.... :-)))

  8. @Ate Angie: Hehe. . .para ka palang pusa! 9 lives.. ;)
    Dami ko pa kasing plano sa buhay! Madami rin sigurong plano si Lord para sa akin.

    Thank you for dropping by! :D

  9. and you've got to expand your carenderia! ihihih..(edith)