Techy Fashion Trend in 2011! (Part 1)

11:35 PM

I'm not a fashion designer and my tech blog was such a major major failure, but things might just spark up a bit if for once, I'll do a hybrid of both.So here's the techy fashion trend in 2011!

I honestly don't know what I should call that thing markable's wearing.But I surely like the spiderbot!

I always see hip/hop videos on youtube.That's why I thought if Youtube was a human - he'd be HIP and Stylish!

Facebook's addictive!

Obviously, this was an ambitious attempt! I rarely know any "fashion term".lol, and tech (is mostly defined by web apps such as 4 of the most famous sites).This is just part 1, next time I will try to draw a fictitious girl model..

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