10 Ways to Kill Facebook Addiction

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How do I say this? Uhm..I'M TERRIBLY FAILING WHEN IN FACT I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO! Not really, but yes; It took me quite some time to figure out that I've been doing bad in the preliminaries.And there's no one else to blame than myself.

Second to my indolence, I mean my self, another factor of why I never got any high grades last prelim is Facebook.Why blame facebook? It's because most of my time online are consumed lurking on new status updates which I never even care about.I may care about some but most are not that worthy of my time(esp those rants from tweeners about how they cursed their high school teachers - I'm so over those!).

Things have changed since I got into college and make it double because I just transferred in to another University. Not that academics are tough in my new school but I'm having a hard time adjusting with people, the environment and the schedules. For around 3 years, I was so used of going to school around 8:00 a.m or 9.And most of the time I get late. Now I have to battle against Mr. Teasing Cold and Ms. Arctic water just to get to school 7 am sharp.And I still get late!

My life revolves around facebook, when it has to revolve around the things, events and people around me.But that was before - I know it takes quite enough courage to do this and I desperately want to get out of the facebook circle.I confess for the last 3 years, I never had any addiction to anything but facebook.I confess, I'm a certified facebook addict.

Why is Facebook Addictive?

You might be wondering, why some of you and I always seem to get anxious for not getting logged on to facebook within a day.Facebook as you know it, is the worlds most popular website, with over 500 million users - it has undoubtedly changed the form of communication for everyone of us, especially us students.

We get to do what we can't in real life.Gone have the days where awkward moments with old friends and acquaintances from the past because of facebook.Gone are the days where one would stalk their crushes and getting slapped in the end because you can do that on Facebook(minus the slap).Gone are the days where you would have to go across the street to ask your classmate what was the assignment given on class.A classmate of mine relates - "Facebook is just so addictive it's better to get logged on than finish my project due in the morning." *sigh*

With those examples and more; becoming a facebook addict is inevitable! And it's making me so stressed! This 2011, I'm aiming for a healthy lifestyle - less stress the better!

Now here are my 10 Ways to Kill Facebook Addiction!

1. Step on Facebook, Squish it!

I know right! The image above shows nothing more than exaggeration! If facebook was a human I could have become a murderer.That's not exactly how much I hated the site in fact I love facebook - its just that I desperately want to get out of the facebook cycle!

So, Step on facebook basically means get facebook under your feet- don't let it go up to your head and run into your mind.Mind over matter lang yan! ;-) Squish it!? ..hmm..can't think of any logical proposition behind the phrase but then, perhaps you just simply squish it! lol

2. Go get a cup of Coffee!

I know facebook has helped you re-connect with old friends but then sitting over a cup of coffee with them is a lot better than just chatting with them on facebook.Although you can do both, and perhaps tell them you would like to have a cup of coffee with them somewhere via facebook.The thought that you remembered them not because their face was displayed on your friends list would make them feel special and not like any of your anonymous facebook friends.

3. Go out with Recent Friends!
More than reconnecting with old folks from the past; I know you engage more on conversing with people your recently became friends  with or have been hanging out with recently.And since I know you've got their mobile numbers - why not ask them to go out either for a group study(if you're students and if you need to) or just hang out with them in the mall or watch a movie together!

4. Be Productive - Do the Chores!

There will always be a time that you will feel very unproductive after logging into facebook.And it happens - most of the time.That's why you should keep yourself busy as much as possible especially when you're at home.So, if you really want to be productive - doing the chores will surely keep you busy at the same time "productive".Plus, your mom's are goin to give you extra allowance the next morning! ;-P

5. Open the TV
Before the internet became pop! TV was our first addiction, so perhaps you can open the television and scan the channels.You'd surely fall in love with either Star Movies, Disney Channel or National Geographic!

6. Schedule Your Internet Consumption!
Like do you really have to do this? Hey, my Mom's paying the internet bill and I think I should get the best out of every mbps. But since its killing me softly then I'd probably consider making a schedule on my internet.Hmmm...So I will be only be around online from 1-3pm. while at night...hmmm...7-9pm and then I'd go spend my free time somewhere else.

7. Use your Email more often than Facebook and Turn off your notifications!
Once you received an email it will give you this "sincere and personal" feel on it.You will get either enthralled or get scared of what's the person mailing you would say.Even before facebook, Email is the best way to communicate especially if you needed what you can really call "security".

Since you will be using your email more than facebook, then you might consider turning off the email notifications sent to you from time to time.Because if they really want to tell you something, seriously they will email you! You don't even have to get notified when a friend of yours was tagged in a mutual friend's top 10 losers friends, sent you an invite at Citiville or became a fan of Parish Hilton Bitch!

8. Total Recall!
Here, I am in no way talking about the Arnold Shwarzenegger (like how do you f*ckin spell it) 1990 film.Here, you have to recall what you used to do before you became a facebook addict.This is so simple, you only have to THINK! and Recall. . .If you used to go to friendster go and please stop being a hypocrite (I know too well you've had FS before FB) No lame excuses please! If you used to go out for a walk then do it.Because, I used to walk alone by myself on the riverbanks (Nag-eemote!).

9. Do the Alternatives!
What do you on facebook?
Log-in - Log on sites that will consume your time.Go watch videos on Youtube or better yet watch "X"!
Read Status Updates and Like most of them - Stop dillydallying please!
Upload Photos - Have them printed and keep them on a real photo album.
Play Games - Relive your childhood days as a bully and make all the kids cry around your neighborhood.That'll be fun! More than farming or constructing virtual cities.
Stalk your Crushes - Better if you'd stay closer to them, like face to face.Do it!
Add a lot of people to reach 5000+ FB friends - that's bullshit! As if you'll get any popular?

10. Deactivate Facebook, Go to a place where there's no internet!  and Destroy the Computer!

It took me days to finish this post.awts.I hope it helped you in a way and if not - that's not my problem.

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  1. buti na lang wala aking fb acct.

  2. ahehehehe....go with the flow man gd bah....sulod2x pd sa sunod ui...ahehehe...yaw na kal8...ahahahaha....

  3. its a better solution to avoid facebook addiction .. :))