A Random Post Before the Year Ends!

1:30 AM

I wasn't very productive on this blog for the last three weeks of December.I wasn't even able to make a blog post on Christmas! I've been so busy with my other blog though.But I feel quite ashamed of myself for not having been able to update "Markable.me" when in fact it is my personal blog.

For the first time in my whole life, I've run out of words to say about my life.But there are just things that I believe has to be noted before the year 2010 bids goodbye! So instead of storytelling let me just bullet them down in a list!

  • I became part of the Davao Bloggers this Year (April 30, 2010 - at the Meetup with DFAT participants at Jose Rafael Fine)
  • Have been able to eat like there's no tomorrow in some parts of DFAT 2010!
  •  I started going on media events this year.lol
  •  I started blogging this year (although not technically, but yes, I therefore conclude - it's now official, 2010 is my first year in blogging) Basically because I was visible and accessible to bloggers!
  • I started earning through Adsense this year.Ha-ha! (February 2010)
  • In the month of August, for the first time in my whole life that I've bagged $2000+ in blogging.(Yes, that's five o digits in peso!)
  • I swept away my personal blog. (Bluerivenfire.blogspot.com)
  • I found my blogging niche. (Pinoymovieblog.com)
  • I started another personal blog on October (Markable.me)
  • Registered Pinoyzine.net and made it a tech blog but didn't worked well.
  • I failed in my major subjects that led into transferring school!
  • I became instantly mayabang to some people, because I transferred school. :'-(
  • My Grandpa died on 1st of November and I still couldn't believe it!  :'-(
  • My first ever trip out of Mindanao - to Manila for WordCamp 2010!
  • Attended the prestigious WordCamp 2010.
  • Unofficially attended an 8day Fieldtrips and Seminars under my former University.hehe (Unofficial kasi hindi naman ako enrolled sa subject - pa epal lang!)
  • Became a Tito (Congrats to Jeoffrey & Ivy!)
  • Got appointed as P:resident for our Family Reunions, events and all that.
  • Had our first ever Family reunion (Cabrera, de Guzman, Indino) at Isla Beach, Samal.
  • Met new friends in my new school
  • Posted a "tip" for Blogspot users and saw a direction for this blog.
  • Attended the Davao Bloggers Christmas Party for the first time.hehe
  • Has been a finalist to the Philippine Blog Awards Mindanao (Personal Category).
  • Created a list on this blog (which became my all time popular post) and saw another direction for this blog.
  • Initiated a blog project but due to some technical problems I still can't start it this time - reminds me, I need an Adobe Illustrator! anyone?
  • My blog "markable.me", was featured on Blogging talks by ate Aileen Apolo.Yehey!
  • Got affiliated to Star Cinema and Regal Films (as a blogger - they send me trailers,posters,press release and infos about their upcoming movies).
  • Group of 10 won P10,000 and were given P1,000 each of the Hackathon contest using cloud computing platform during DevCon 2010 at Draft Picks.
  • Attended BlogFest 2010.
  • I got my first Infolinks Earnings this year.
  • Opened bank accounts - 2 bank accounts.lol 
  • First time in GenSan
  • First time in Manila
  • Been to Enchanted Kingdom twice
  • First time in Samal Island
  • Got the chance to meet and talk with Ma.tt
  • Got a lot of disablement and headaches from Google Adsense
  • Met Christine Reyes in person (technically had dinner with her.lol)
  • Attended an advocacy program in Manila (and met some Manila Bloggers)
  • Met Kuya Jehzlau and kuya Winston
  • Got a hosting plan from Kuya Jehz.hehe :p
  • Met the FatandFabBros.
  • Of course, met "Davao's greatest "Davao Bloggers Team" and "Avatar Media".
  • Had 4 Wordpress Blogs this year.
  • Confidently knows what I believe to be "SEO".Will only need time and lots of blogs with PR for affirmation.
  • First Plane ride! 
  • First time ko mag barge to Samal.hehe
  • First time nagka family reunion.lol
  • Bought my first ever cellphone, some time in March.
  • Bought my first ever Laptop just 3 months ago.hehe
  • Fell in love with CaliforniaBerry
  • Tried Yogo for the first time.
  • Liked Noodle House.
  • Loss: From 30 to 29. (Summer Break)
  • Gain: From 29 to 31.Haha! (Christmas Break)
  • Nawalan ng pusa (Si "King") :-(
  • Nagkaron ng dalawang echoserong askal.hehe
  • Addicted to Facebook, Plurk, Twitter at Piclyf.
  • Tried some CSS3 & HTML5 Tricks on this Blog.
  • Helped in distributing pens and other school supplies yesterday under Pens of Hope
  • Won 8 movie tickets to watch all the entries this mmff 2010.
  • Won a t-shirt with Infolinks new logo! Still waiting for it to arrive.hehe
  • Basta marami pa.
  • Reminds me, marami pa akong backlogs!
To sum it all, 2010 has been a Welcoming Year for me in Blogging! While offline, although there are sad points in my life.I believe I have lots of things, people and happenings to be thankful for/to.

For a more prosperous year everyone! Happy New Year! ;-)

Here's a preview of one of my goals in 2011!

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  1. nameet mo ang cool at gwapong si RICHARD DIONGSON.. wahahahahahah!

  2. hahaha.. nice one KUYA MARK.. :D
    andaming na-experience hah. buti ka pa.. :)
    napadaan lang. nagbabasa ulet ng blog.. :)