Davao Bloggers Christmas Party 2010!

4:18 AM

On the 3rd day of December, happened my first ever Christmas Party with the Davao Bloggers.Yes! It's the first time that I will celebrate something Christmassy with them.I was so excited about the event that I did not went to school in the morning.Ha-ha! Nah, really? The reason why I didn't go to school was because I wake up late, as usual.But boy, how lucky I was because I got a message saying we didn't have classes in the morning - like me, the teacher loves to doze too!

In the afternoon, I first went to Doc.Charles' clinic.For some reasons I just wanted to go there, consult him about my teeth having braced in the future (O.o), discuss some for Entertainment-Bloggers-Only stuff.lol, and ask about the event.He's one of the organizers, so I guess I've got to stick around with him as well.I also contacted Kuya Faust prior going to Kuya Charle's clinic.And yes, as planned we made his clinic our rendezvous. (Peace!)

Later on, I together with Kuya Faust went to NCCC Mall to buy some gifts for the party.Doc Charles was supposed to go with us but he decided to go directly to the venue.Then, Kuya Faust and I searched the mall for a unisex item worth at least P100 for the Kris kringle.We went to the Department store, the Toys Section, the bookstore, the food court, the cr, the cinema but still we couldn't find any item worth our budget which is around P150.Haha!

Along the way we chanced upon a fellow blogger, Ate Chattee.Then we headed to Bench and finally came up with something as gift.I bought this cute little tin box with a towel and three daily scent colognes inside for my Monito/Monita (who is by that point of time - I have yet to find out).Kuya Faust got the bag I first chose but since I find the tin-box package whatever more worthy than the bag, I opted with it.

After that we finally arrived on the venue, the Davao Bloggers Christmas Party was held at NCCC Mall B3.As expected most of the officers were early.Awts,We even saw Ate Ria along the way pala, since I didn't notice her - she said "Hi, Mark!" to me.Woot!

I was still in uniform because before going to Doc Charle's clinic I went to school to arrange my records for the release of my school ID.Together with the gift, I bought a shirt to wear for the event.The program for the Christmas Party hasn't commenced yet, so I took the chance to change clothes.Kevin came, Ate Leah, Koya Drew, and then came other Davao bloggers.

For a moment, I had fun observing everyone in the room.Like Ate Joanna geeking up with Kevin and Kuya Faust in playing Angry Birds.Ate Ria and that lady they call "Sexytary" sort of gossiping.Ate Miah taking pictures.Kuya Andrew who was like me, also very quiet then and  Kuya Lyle unboxing his newly purchased LG Optimus or was it some other smartphone Kuya Lyle? Everything is just so Christmassy, that my heart lifts up in Christmas joy. O.o

But anyway, the thought of being with these cool people around me, celebrating something that's going to be worthwhile and fun has never existed in my wildest dreams, not even last Christmas and not until now.Thanks to blogging!

Back to the party! Minutes later, a short program started, then we ate, had the Davao Bloggers Election,had the kris kringle and I received the bag I firsst chose at Bench which Kuya Faust had chosen (Uyy.joke lang).Btw, many thanks to Ate Ria for the handy dandy bag.

Then Ate Ria also presented a round up of the all the activities spearheaded by the Davao Bloggers for the year 2010.Surprisingly, I was on most of them! This is actually my starting year as a Davao blogger, Yes and I call it official.Then the rest was history! Ohh..wait, after the party we went to the coffee shop just so we could hang out a bit more.Hehe!

The whole night was indeed full of food(Yeah.Delicious ones), raffles, prizes, photo shoots, fun and surprises.


I would like to congratulate the newly elected President of the Davao Bloggers - Ate Leah Valle. *claps*and also the those who have been elected.Kudos to the 2010 line up of Officers and I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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