The Simpsons' "AVATAR" Opening!

9:08 AM

As I was browsing TV channels I chanced upon the opening of "The Simpsons" I'm not sure what episode it was but I got stunned with the twist they had in the opening.Unlike any other Opening of the hit animated tv show "The Simpsons", they parodied this time, AVATAR.

If you want to watch the video where the Simpsons transformed into Na Vi's then you can hit play below!

And because of that, I got inspired to do an Avatar version of me! But let's go first with my Simpson version!
lol.Here's my version!

This is me in the Simpsons!

This is me in the Simpsons as a
Na Vi from (Pandora)
of "Avatar"

I actually made a comic strip out of these two Markable fellas with the special participation of the characters from The Simpsons! LOL. Check back as soon as this afternoon because I might be able to finish it!

BTW, the first pic above is a teaser of the comic strip!

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  1. I use both.looooool.hehe

    As for the Na Vi and the first illustration I used photoshop. :)

    Thanks for dropping by.