The Re-imagination of The Simpsons in AVATAR!!

9:11 AM

So this is what I made out of the astounding "AVATAR Opening of The Simpsons".Here, you will see another version of what happened in the video.Because it is only here that Markable(me) is actually part of the opening of the hit TV series.Because of this I was inspired to do unofficial cameos on cartoons and tv

Warning: The comic you are about to read is not actually a comic but a contains languages not suitable for humans.(I used Na'vi language when they turned into Na'vi's).But don't worry I've had them translated!

Trivia: Eek..doesn't mean anything! Markable is just familiarizing the Na'vi tone..eek!

Translation:           Homer: Ready!
                               Markable: Attack!

Homer: Fast!

Since I wasn't able to take good screencaps when Bart jumped down and took a flying sofa! Let's just jump over that and assume that Markable jumped over another and accidentally bumped into one and fell directly into the sofa Bart got and passed out!

This made the whole Simpsons family pissed!

Markable: Sorry, my apologies.

Markable: Here's a gift? Sorry?

Markable: You, die!

Fail! LOL.
I know you are curious on where and how I learned the Na' Vi language so if you really want me to teach you the Na'vi language (kä fɪt͡sɛŋɛ)!

All images used for the background is property of FOX Broadcasting Company!

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  1. kataw.anan mark., hawd au ka maginsert sa eong char., hehe., good job makoy