My First Week in the New School

6:05 AM

So, I haven't been able to update this blog on a regular basis.Why, because there is so much to think about at school that it left me no time to publish anything on this blog.Not until now, Thank God It's Weekend! And I will do a weekend recap of my observations on my First Week in the New School!!

1st Day:

New Polo! New Shirt! New Shoes! New Brief (LOLS)! New Me!!

It's first day of class and it was my first time to wear a uniform - or maybe it was the first time that
I was able to wear a DECENT ONE! I was really cautious every time I walk or sit down I always see to
it that it won't get dirty.And I've observed that, it wasn't just me who's kinda paranoid about getting
his uniform dirty - I bet, Just about everybody! Private School kasi.
2nd Day:

Walang Klase!

3rd Day:
That's me, Classmate 1 and Classmate 2.We're actually surprise of how easy the lessons are!
We tackled about a simple "Hello World" program.The teacher explained each of it's
parts and given that we're actually transferee's we can say "that's just a piece of cake".

And not just that, even on my other subjects.Oh boy, it feels like I'm in high school.It might not be intellectually challenging but after having been to a school that would kill your brains - this is Heaven!
The 3 of us were also the geeks of Accounting! lol

4th Day:
There is something strange about the 4th day.If I am not with my friends

who are also a transferee like me.It's like I am forced to smile or say Hi to people, especially with my new classmates 
for no apparent reason.Well, I could say that I am a nice person but smiling all the time -WTF!
5th Day:
It was Friday that I got the chance to get inside the library alone.Before that, my friends 
told me to watch out for the "Nun/Librarian".They say she always look for something that would make you "get-the-hell-out-of-the-library". Matanda na raw kasi! Haha.When I got into the library, the coast was clear.No signs of the so acclaimed grumpy Nun around.

Then I started reading a random book until she came. There were 3 girl students on the other table.The Nun went to them , discussed something, scolded them and ask them to get out. One of the 3 girls went behind me to return the books and I asked her what's Sisters' problem? She told me they were just checking their time through the cellphone and poof! The nun started to give them some sermon and kicked them out of the library.

All of a sudden, I was the only student inside the library and the nun was on her way to the office.I started getting nervous.Afraid of what she have to say."Don't come near me or else...I'll run!".She was coming near me when I said that to my even closer..furious, smoking. she walks so fast as if she'd punch me when she reaches my place. And then, "WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" I screamed inside my mind.Whew! She just passed by me.

I eyed her and our eyes met.And nervously, I said "Good Afternoon Sistah!".Are nuns supposed to be nice? or at least seem nice? Well she could be but she just doesn't look nice - at all!

That's all for now! I'm tired - wahh.I'm sleepy. zZzZZ (-_-)

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  1. hahaha'.. lain wala q'.. hehehe'.. nalingaq q sa library na part'.. hahaha

  2. Ganyan talaga ang mga madre prang mangain ng
    Strict masyado..hehehe

  3. @Kc Karla: Ikaw kasi eh! Iba scheds mo. . hehe! Lunch lang talaga tayo nagmi-meet.Anyway, mahadlok man ko sa madre oi.Suplada kaayo, himantayon, kalurky! dapat magbinuotan siya kay madre sya.Atay ra..ahaha!

  4. hahahaha'.. maanad raka ana mark'... yaw na lng na xa pansina'..haha'.. dapat epos pud nmu 2 imung imagination gud'..kad2ng gipakita nmu sa amu sa study hall'..

  5. @Kc Karla: Haha.I'm actually working on it.
    Paano na yan wala pa akong 'ID'! While pinapagalitan nya yung 3 girls, I sort of heard na sinabi nyang "Bat walang ID yan? Why did you let her get inside the library?".


  6. d wag ka muna pumasok ng lib'.. pagkylangan na talaga tsaka ka mag explain'..

  7. @Kc Karla: Err.nice place to tambay kaya dun.Ang daming fiction books! I can bring my laptop pa..pero errr parin kasi nandun siya.kaibiganin ko kaya si Sister Sungit?

  8. @mercy: I see.Taga Notre Dame ka pala dati no! Super strict.

  9. haha., may pa ka makoy dalian lng., kami tawon dri nagpait na sugod pa lng., hehe., wat do u expect for usep., hehe., amping nunay makoy.,

  10. @Anonymous(Jan): awts.alangan dili dali, gikan bya ko dira.lols.What is transferee? Ana man jud na dira - major major pait! Hmm..amping pud pirmi jan. hehe


  12. ha ha. pink na pink. he he.....

  13. ahehehe...may gni la ka gkasab-an..hee-hee!!!

  14. @Richard: Lagi sum-ol na kaayo ang pink!
    pwede magBlue? lols.

    Uyy..will drop by your blog after this - Thank you for the visits! maypaka, dili parehas ni kibintong! bwahaha..

  15. @April: Nadala sa "Good Afternoon Sistah!", looooool.

  16. @ mark: wait mark, asa ka na pink? sa may bonifacio or sa bankerohan?

  17. @Richard: Sadly, sa Bankerohan. :(

  18. ha ha... nakapasok na ako dyan sa pink bankerohan before. okay naman,,. he he

  19. @Richard: Gamay kaayo ang place. . .and the botanical garden sucks.looooooool.

  20. hey, be proud of your school. ha ha!

  21. @Richard: I'm proud in a way or two! Hmm..things are way way different right here - I'm still adjusting.I liked many things but you can't blame me if I can spot something (I won't tell nalang) around the school.

    I was also able to visit Bonifacio and the place looks 10x better than the main campus! >.<