How do you Outsmart the Threats of Commute in Manila?

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Yeah, Like really? How do you Outsmart the Threats of Commute in Manila? I've been to the big city a couple of weeks ago for WordCamp and our Institute's Fieldtrip & Seminars.And I must say Manila isn't a safe place to stay.I've heard that a couple of times coming from my Mom,my Dad, my Grandma, my Aunt and even from my have been hearing that even when I was already in Manila.Even when I call home, they'd always remind me of that over and over again.(Except for my cat -he can't reach the phone.Haha!)

If you've read my blog post about my encounter with the goddamn taxicab driver you couldn't agree more with what I have said.There are though a few places right there where you'd feel safe in a way.But when you're commuting, wandering around metropolis, passing from a skyscraper to another -that's definitely another story.So hear me say, here's my story. .

I stayed in Manila for more than a week.Hmm.9 days to be precise.From 1st of October up to the 9th.And on the first day, I had my very first LRT experience.To be honest nothing really happened there.I was just so happy that I got the chance to ride it for the first time.But my mind as well as my eyes wandered around a bit.I was thinking, what are these people around me thinking? May be problems from home? perhaps love life? Then I started giving them hurried glances one by one.

"Sex, Money, Sex, Money, Cat!". (Yeah! just like the restaurant scene from Twilight.lols)
(And if you knew me personally, you may know who's on my left from the illustration above.)
Which is which? Who says money, who says sex and what is "S"? LOL. You decide! ;-P

And then I paused.The train dramatically stopped (char!).Five random people got inside, the one in red stood just right next to me(Yeah.It's my first time and I was standing.crap!).He looked suspicious.Then I looked to my right and saw a teacher with a student on her right(perhaps her daughter).The girl next to her stood up and went out of the train.Then the man in front of them (Hoodlumy-looking, in black, in shades, with a fat thick mustache - he was rather suspicious) got seated right next to them.The teacher gave the man a stare and then gestured an embrace to her daughter.They embraced.

The lady(a white sales lady) in front of them (I mean, the teacher/student/man) embraced her bag as well.With this sort of kinda a reflex reaction/defense mechanism whatsoever! I got nervous and firmly grasped my travel bag even when it's already stuck in between my feet.Then came the word "SECURITY" inside my mind.Being secured, secured of my life and properties.It's really important.So much for the story I know it's really boring.Haha!

Security is perhaps one of the most essential thing to have in this world.Without it you can't do anything.You can't do anything because you're scared of doing things.But how can you have or at least feel secured while exploring the city of Manila? Simple.Be SMART! Outsmart the Threats of Commute in Manila.Here's how.

Be Aware
Be Aware - Be vigilant.If you see a suspicious looking guy, always eye on them. But sometimes
Looks are deceiving so it is best to look the people who are close to you!

Be Ready
I would assume that everybody had been a scouter from way back high school or elementary -so dapat "Laging Handa".

Be Naughty can do this just to let time pass by.Do this when you're bored! lol People, most of the time do this
just inside their minds. Yes! I could read minds but if you're brave enough - do it just the way I did(see pic above).

Be Nice
People will be nice at you if you look nice to them too.Even with snatchers or people-who-look-like-snatchers - be nice to them! - (Yeah, I also noticed something went wrong in the illust. but just never mind! I can't edit it anymore [here's why!])

Be Smart
This is probably the best and the most readily-available solution (without making fool of yourself) in order to
Outsmart the threats of commute in Manila.
You can't choose people who you'd be with while commuting . So it is best to use Pacsafe products
since it was built for your own safety and most especially for your properties safety. But you first need to buy this - or better yet join Kuya Melo's contest like what this post was sign in to! Bloggers join kayo. It's best to invest any of Pacsafe products primarily because Imma goin to be a traveler in the near future. That's why I really, really need it!

And I believe you need it too.Most especially if you live in Metro.The most predominant threat in commuting in Manila is that you'll have your goods snatched and have your pockets being picked.On my other LRT ride I chance upon this warning:

I know it's blurred.But 2 things to note about this warning: First, Pickpockets are predominant and perhaps the
number 1 threat in Metro.Second, most of pickpocket-errrs! are women. (Whatta Shame!)
That's why you and I also needs to invest for a TourSafe Wallet!

So that's it! the next time you'd be riding on an LRT or a Taxi just do any of the aforementioned procedures and get the best out of your every trip - SAFETY.

 P.S.  Yes, Kuya Jehz's Blue Stickman did an unofficial cameo from included it since I coincidentally chanced upon his months old post about his wallet being stolen  from the lrt(Puyat) which is by coincidence, the one I and (the blogger on the twilight pic above) ride on into.

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  1. hahahahaha! cool! Natuwa naman ako sa cartoons mo.. at andun pa si blue stickman! hehehe...

    Dapat mag-ingat talaga tayo sa mga pick pocketers dito sa maynila. Sobrang dami na nila.. tsk tsk tsk...

    Great post btw! :)

  2. @Kuya Jehz: Woot! Salamat, Oo nga eh nagcameo si blue stickman.Nabasa ko kasi kamakailan ang post mo about nga dun sa pickpocketer sa LRT puyat.Hehe.

    Pagbalik ko dyan mag-iingat pa talaga ako ng sobra.I suppose, ikaw rin? haha.

    Thanks ulit!

  3. mag ingat talaga.. better zipped than sorry.. i-zipped nang maanyo ang walllet para hindi nakawin..

  4. @Manila Stone: Thanks! Did you join the contest? Your Blog tells it all - I mean, it is somehow related to the contest.Blog now! :p

  5. @Faust: >.< naka-zip nga ang wallet pero kung pababayaan mo lang naman nakasiwil sa bulsa.edi wa epek pa rin.haha!

    I mighty bond mo na kasi sa pocket! lols.

  6. @Ph1l1p: 'tin talaga sila mag-ingat?? O.o

  7. You'll get used to the hassle of commuting around Manila.