Goodbye Old School, Hello NEW World!

8:10 AM

Aside from bidding my Tatay a tearful Goodbye, I will be shedding tears for my school and my classmates as well. But the irony is that I'm the one who's leaving. In times of sorrow, especially when somebody bids farewell, most people think that they're the most hurt basically because they lost somebody. And later they will think that the one who left them will be happy wherever he/she maybe. And then they move on. That ends there! What a selfish thought!

Yes, that is partly true. However I think halfway through, the truth splits the pain into two. The pain of losing and the pain of leaving. Yes, it may not occur to you because you think being left behind by someone means everything already. But the truth is that, the pain the leaver will feel, hurts twice as much as to those who are being left. But I am not going to weigh who’s hurt the most in here. Because in the backend of all of these overly dramatic points in our lives; we will all just wake up, a snap away from being spaced out, and the last thing we know - we are more than ready to move on.

And here I go, walking on another path in my life. Following where the arrows of life will lead me – following my dreams without anyone trying to drag me down to hell. But at heart I'm still an ICEAN, a Usepian, marked by my 2 and half years of stay. In fact my horns hasn't even vanished yet. But as of the moment, just let me be U-ICEAN.

A worry-free person, away from my academic frustrations back there, away from the insecurities I get whenever somebody looks down on me and say how pathetic I am, away from the scorching heat of the sun, away from the 1132 steps just to get up to room 505, away from the gazebo where most assignments are done, away from a few chosen psychopaths who thinks they teach so WELL! and to the plastics who fakes their thanks to these psychopaths so as not to look unworthy of getting passed and away from the people who believes,likes,misses,supports,programs,cries,laughs,11 to 7's,eats,prays,loves,sleeps,sweeps,sunggoes,get cincos and breathe USEP with me.  (Well not totally away because I SHALL VISIT YOU WHEN I HAVE TIME!)

So to cut the drama off! let me just tell you this:

"You don't need LUCK! You don't need brains! You need Blessings - So, God Bless ya all!"

Goodbye Old School, Hello New World!

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  1. naka school shoes kana pala?..hehehe

  2. @merz: Oo naman! Major Major bawal ang Tsinelas sa UIC eh.haha!

  3. cge lng makoy dont cha worry., d man ka namu kalimtan kaw pa., hehe.,

  4. .....DRAMA au k marky....ahw...yngatz nlng dd2...

  5. heavy drama talaga.. mantakin ba naman nakabold letters ang pagkaencode. lol. sorry but i don't like UIC. my exes were there. lol. just kidding. welcome to catholic school mark (if i'm not mistaken). ba't pa kasi nakabbreviate. hehe... good luck on your studies. matalino ka mark and i know u will excel. there should be a school that will trust u. coz ur an asset. $$$$$. lol. and yes that's it! how's marilou, sherwin and others? just send my best regards.. :)

  6. hmmm, lami unta ibalik USEP kaso nagpait jud didto... hehehe good luck sa atoang duha Macky! hehehe

  7. hmmm, makagraduate unta tah on time sa atoang gbalhinan nga skul. lol hmmm, miss nah nq atoang dating classmates... :(

  8. XD hello welcome to new world? XD jk
    nice blog you have here XD

  9. tgos sa heart ung ibang statements mo marky.. i admit, isa aq sa mga ngpabigat ng loob mo when u decided to transfer to UIC but u can't blame me for feelin' u dat way kce u're one of the persons na close sa akn.. but as wat u've said, di kailangan timbangin kung cno ung mas nasasaktan...

    so much for the drama..:P
    i miss u na marky..♥
    dlaw ka minsan sa usep huh... ingatz sa new world..
    Good luck and God bless..

  10. @Redaddict14 a.k.a Mimisang ng buhay (ko, originally - now, namin.Haha!): AWTS.Sang2x! kaw kasi eh..inaway mo ako.Haha.

    Yeah.I can't blame you because alam kong napamahal na ako sa single ladies - single gentleman biya ko! lol.

    I miss you too Mimisang.Wahhh..Oo mag-iingat ako sa new world.Check back ka dito ng malaman mo din mga happenings ng buhay ko.And yes, I'll be visiting you! bukas siguro - dahil sa comment mo.Haha!

  11. waaah!! wlang LIKE button??? ppppffhh.. hahaha.. di kya ako nang-away... haha.. (denial!!)

    oh yeah!! single gentleman.. hahaha

    punta ka bukas?? wat tym?? hehehe... dala ka ng pasalubong.. hahaha.. just kidding..XD

  12. @Anonymous1 (Jan): Haha. *Wehh, dinga??*

    @Anonymous2 (Mimi): Ingats pud dira.Ayo2x sa imong course - bsba right?

  13. @REdaddict14: Walang like button eh.Tignan mo it took me days to reply.After kasi mabasa ko yan naghanapa agad ako ng widget for a like button sa comments page kaso wala eh.Haha..

    Denial ka masyado.lols. Yep, single gentleman?Agree naman siguro kayo.Haha!

    Sorry, I wasn't able to come last Friday.Umulan kaya, i arrived home wet! bwahaha.

  14. @Richard: Awts.Bold letters? I copied and paste this kasi from word using a different font kaya siguro bold.Will fix this asap.

    Salamat Chard! A$$et ka jan! >.<
    Sos! Pa simple pa to, Don't worry - makakarating kay MALOU!

  15. pwd na mark'..! hahaha'.. ang galing2 ng drama mo'.. hahaha'.. karelate q'.. huhuhu

  16. @Kc Karla: Drama jud! Tama..ignon diay nako sila April ug Rizza..For sure..maka relate din yung mga yun.Haha!

    Haha.THanks sa comment. :p

  17. @Anonymous3 and 4 (Malou): Malou oh si Richard! Haha.
    Anyway, kaya nga Goodluck sa atin! and I miss them too!

  18. @Rascat: Yes, Welcome to the new world.lols.Thank you for dropping by and following my blogs!

  19. Emote au ui!!! Well...ana mn pd aq na feel at first pwo dawat2x jd...ana ang kinabuhi...hmm....aqng maingon ky DRAMA jd au ka ai...ehehehe...

    (unsaon mn heartless kaau ko para mkasabot...ugh!!!)

  20. @april: pagsure oi! Heartless ka pa rin? wag mo akong echosin April -kilala ko si Holy Child boy! lul

  21. @Mark: uu...HEARTLESS ra jpn "Holy Child Boy" bya ang dahilan ngano q naheartless....ahahahaha...!!!

  22. @April: Heartless? talaga lang ha?
    Tama nga pala.siya pala yun.