Oh My Siomai!!

8:45 PM

It's been awhile since I ate any Chinese Food.Well, forgive me but this food might be common here in our place but I rarely buy this "Chinese-turned-Pinoy-Street-Food" dumpling, we Filipinos call "Siomai".The last time I ate this pinoy street food, was like ages ago.I couldn't even remember how it taste like back then.While the last time I ate Chinese Food was about a couple of weeks ago, on some restaurant somewhere around Metro Manila (Part of our Fieldtrips & Seminars) and also before my flight to Manila (at Chowking).

Anyway, about two days ago a siomai cart passed by our house.And when I heard the "vendor" yelling Siomai (Yeah right! he sounded as if he's yelling on somebody) I was like "Ohhhh.what's that? Siomai?".My Mom together with some of the neighbors surrounded the food cart and bought.I was actually doing something inside the house so I didn't budge going there and all.When Mom entered she said. . .

Want some??

(English yun ah?) Duh?? What do I get from eating those?

It's not always everyday that you get to eat one of these.Anyway, it rarely passes by?

Then I began thinking.The vendor is now slowly driving the cart away from the house!! And here's what happened next!

Hahaha.It looks like it was my first time to eat this stuff but apparently it wasn't.
But it was the first time I let the vendor pour his green, oily, spicy garlic mix on my siomai!
Yes, I've tasted that before, it's spicy but not that much like what I presented in the comics above.I'm not exaggerating but it's that HOOOOOT!!

Lesson Learned?

Mom's are influential - Sometimes you're instincts are right.You just don't know why you'd still end up following what they say. O.o

Be sure to weigh in which instinct to follow, your Mom's or yours.But nevermind this because you'll end up following theirs anyway.

Just because it looks good, it tastes good.(Well it does or perhaps it may have tasted good.But it was just so hot!!

Do check if your stomach is empty, and if it is not - then don't take in the unnecessary! LOL

Don't let the street food vendors do the adding of their syrups or what the hell they call it especially when it's not chocolate.They'd assume its yummy because they made it.

What a snack!

Tip: If you ate something spicy and your tongue feels hot, one effective way to cool it down is to drink a glass of milk.Milk is the best remedy.People always assume that the best way is to eat a spoonful of sugar or drink lots of water.But it doesn't help at all.Haha! If you wanna know why click here.

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  1. Siomai is so Chinese, that it turned you into a dragon.

  2. Well, I guess that what it makes Chinese food after all.Haha! Imma dragon, imma goin to eat ya JAWZ!!

  3. weeeehh charoooot wuuh mimi 2

  4. @mimi: Ahaha,Oo naman.Thanks.Huuyy..abangan mo sa birthday mo ha. may pasabog ako dito!!! ahaha.

  5. Puff the Magic Dragoon..lols..